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Another misleading electronic cigarette survey!
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Another misleading electronic cigarette survey!
Despite the fact there has been significant research showing that less than 1% of electronic cigarette users have not tried tobacco, it seems as though the industry is yet again under attack. A survey published in the BMC Public Health Journal suggests that one in five teenagers in the north-west of England has access to electronic cigarettes. This headline grabbing figure has obviously caught the attention of critics who have made much of the "findings".

However, if you dig a little deeper this report seems to lack enough substance to back-up the accusations/insinuations the headlines create.

How many went on to become long-term users?

In many ways the devil is in the detail in this particular survey because nowhere is there any mention of the one in five respondents who had access to electronic cigarettes going on to become long-term users. If there is no information to suggest access to electronic cigarettes has resulted in long-term use, what does this suggest?

It is also worth noting that the vast majority of electronic cigarette users see them as a way of reducing their tobacco intake as opposed to using electronic cigarettes and then moving on to tobacco. Indeed there is an enormous amount of research suggesting that electronic cigarettes are not a gateway to their tobacco counterparts. If this is the case, surely surveys such as the one published this week could mislead the general public and injecting a serious dose of confusion?

Smoke and mirrors

There are many critics of the vaping industry who will stick to their opinions and their stance no matter what the evidence/research put in front of them. This is their right, they believe electronic cigarettes offer a danger to the general public but so far they are not able to back this up with clearly defined evidence. This continual line of attack, using children as bait for controversial headlines, is becoming tiresome.

Let's not forget, this is an industry which itself introduced a ban on selling electronic cigarettes to those under 18 years of age. This is an industry which has been pushing for long-term medical trials to clarify any potential health issues and this is an industry which many see as perhaps their best opportunity to reduce their own tobacco intake. Why can the warring parties not find some middle ground and offer the help and assistance that many people are crying out for?


Despite evidence to the contrary, many critics of the electronic cigarette industry (often from a medical background) seem determined to link young children with electronic cigarette use. They seem to conveniently overlook the fact that tobacco cigarettes are a significant problem in many schools and industry guidelines prevent responsible electronic cigarette companies from selling to those under 18 years of age.

Yet again we see critics trying to make out that the industry is happy to milk youngsters as well as the old adage that electronic cigarettes are a gateway to tobacco peddled time and time again. This argument has been debunked on numerous occasions by a whole variety of different parties but still critics continue to repeat it with many people now assuming it is "fact". As we touched on above, critics and supporters of the vaping industry need to draw a line under this confusing and long-winded battle. The general public deserve to know the truth, to hear an unbiased opinion rather than the environment at the moment where positive research is ignored by the mass media in favour of headline grabbing negative comments - often corrected days later.

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31-03-2015 03:54 PM
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Michael (03-31-2015)
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RE: Another misleading electronic cigarette survey!
One thing I've also noticed about these surveys is that they often talk about how many people have tried Ecigs. But really, the number of people who have tried them doesn't mean anything at all. High school kids will try anything, I tried anything I could get my hands on when I was in high school but that's the thing, I only tried it once (in most cases). And not just high school either, for example I met a guy the other day who smokes and he asked to try my ecig. But he didn't like it as much as smoking, so has that one Puff made any difference for him? 
31-03-2015 04:16 PM
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