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best value juice
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RE: best value juice
I found a local shop that sells their very good juice at stupidly low prices.  This is the first juice I've used, that has me moving away from Pink Spot Vapors.  I'd say it's 80% of the quality for less than half the price.  They don't really ship right now so I'm going to talk to them about a wholesale arrangement; I might have some excellent juice available cheap soon!

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17-06-2015 02:59 PM
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RE: best value juice
Mt. Baker Vapor. 30ml  bottles for 7 dollars U.S currency. You have to let the juice steep for a week or so though,but its not all that bad right out of mail either.
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21-06-2015 04:35 PM
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RE: best value juice
(25-04-2015 06:53 PM)dazk73 Wrote:  Hi gang, just asking about the best place and best value for money to buy juice form, i did find a site where they sell e liquid for a quid, read the reviews and seems ok so ordered a few and will wait and see, not holding my breath tho, i guess you get what you pay for, i have a few that i bought from the puffin hut where they sell 3 10ml bottles for a tenner but im sure you lot know somewhere better with a varied selection of flavours, also interested to find out what flavour or combos of flavours you lot are vaping
VAPE WILD!  Oh my GOD i don't have words for how amazing this company is!  Let me start, since this would be relevant for many of you, with Free International Shipping when you place a $50 order and lol with the prices/flavor you'll truly want to!  Their customer service goes so far and above everything i've already been delighted with in this industry - but Vape Wild takes it to a whole new insane level.  They have live support while you're ordering ... a friendly little chatbox that awaits your questions to be answered by a member of their team.  Their website is easy to navigate and they carry over 75 flavors - at - ok this is where it gets unbelievable - 2.99 for a 10 ml bottle.  6.99 for a 30 ml, an amazing 6 bottle (10 ml) sampler for 16.99!!! lol and you can order all the way up to a 16 oz bottle of their juice for 59.97!  Place a $30 order and you get free 2-day shipping in US.  My first $30 order came with a wonderful hand-written note and ... lol it had - ready?  FOUR 10ml bottle free samples in it!  lol

THE TASTE IS OMG!  For those that are fans of Cuttwood Unicorn Milk - Vape Wild does a Strawberries/Cream Squared that blows Cuttwood out of the water!  I wasn't a fan of Unicorn Milk but omg ... their SC Squared?  So good!  AND?  They do a line of their most popular juices in pre-steeped 30 ml bottles for 9.99!  So great, if you're running low, to get the option of pre-steeped to carry you through til your order steeps and for only a couple dollars more!  So worth it.  ... Their Buttery Nuts?  Blew Cosmic Fog's NUTZ AWAY!  So much flavor (ordered all mine with a 50% flavor boost cause i like intense flavor and it only costs a few cents more). 

Okay so this is the mindblowing part - get this!  I messed up hugely in my first order and ordered Max PG instead of Max VG and since all i have is an atomizer this is a bummer ... So i remembered seeing a couple other companies that sold plain VG and thought i'd email them, explain the mistake i made and ask if it would be possible to include in the order i was placing that day - shaking my head and laughing - i still can't believe this next part - she said she was sorry but that they couldn't make any sales for anything that wasn't already on the site but that they wanted to help me out and - lolol - they gave me $15 store credit to help me recover my losses!  I emailed her back protesting because i thought surely she must have misunderstood and thought i was saying they made a mistake but no! lol They just wanted to make sure my experience with them was a great one and ... have you EVER in your LIFE??? 

Vape Wild is my forever company lol thanks to their generosity and the fact that they've made a rabidly loyal customer for life i placed a $60 order that i'll be getting this upcoming week (My order shipped out same day lol) and will be sure to review the flavors.  So incredibly happy!
01-08-2015 07:12 PM
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RE: best value juice
Can't really argue with Deary; VapeWild was my go-to juice vendor before I did full time DIY. They had some real stinkers, but then everyone does. But they had plenty to choose from and their prices/customer service were always good. Tip- I've said this before, but if you like their Double Rainbow, it's just TFA's Rainbow Drops concentrate. I think there are several folks here that use them happily.
16-05-2017 12:02 PM
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