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You MUST watch.
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RE: You MUST watch.
(23-05-2016 07:06 PM)Don Wrote:  The regulations, bans etc. are mostly being proposed thanks to corrupt policy making and extensive lobbying by Puritan zealots and the pharma industry. Strict regulations always favour larger companies that can meet the requirements of regulations and those same regulations protect the incumbents from smaller outfits.
No doubt big money is behind the policy making and regulations.  It's the perception that the gov't is implementing them to protect the public's health.  Like this program, educating the public is the answer, in particular smokers who think ecigs will blowup in their faces. 

I was surprised Australia has banned ecigs.  What prompted that?  Maybe it's just my naïve US attitude, but not something I'd have expected from down under.  In the US, many regulations and bans are prompted by some polarizing event.  Such as OTC meds being tampered with, prompting new packaging regulations.  I'm sure in this case, the only thing that motivated the FDA is big lobbyists with big money. 
23-05-2016 07:19 PM
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RE: You MUST watch.
VTTV goes live in ten minutes - it should be well worth watching. The chat gets thick and fast and is hard to follow.

This also might be of interest.

TVF tested battery info to be found here

[Image: 24291313393_16615b20b2_m.jpg]
23-05-2016 07:20 PM
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RE: You MUST watch.
"Books and PhD's and movies will be made about how could people from within public health have opposed something that provided such a huge public health benefit".

My favorite quote of the whole thing.  Smile

Thank you Don, for the link!

Remind one liberal per day, that laws affect only the law-abiding.
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23-05-2016 08:37 PM
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RE: You MUST watch.
(23-05-2016 03:14 PM)mike.williams Wrote:  Great video. Thanks for sharing in a format that those of us in the USA can view. The FDA and the USA congress should be forced to watch it!

Email it to them Yes

Vaping Saves Lives. To vape is to advocate..
23-05-2016 09:49 PM
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