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Would the electronic cigarette industry welcome further regulations?
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Would the electronic cigarette industry welcome further regulations?
There is no doubt that the electronic cigarette industry is in the firing line of regulators around the world with speculation, counter speculation and intrigue following the sector of late. While some governments and regulators seem determined to talk down the industry, to demonise operators and take away freedom of choice from electronic cigarette users, the subject of regulation is something the industry has been discussing at great length. It may surprise many people to learn that the industry would welcome a fair and structured framework within which future investment plans can be made and harvested.

Despite the fact that the sector has been demonised as the devil incarnate, a fair and honest regulatory framework is all that the industry is asking for. It will be interesting to see how governments and regulators react in the coming weeks and months as we approach D-Day for the electronic cigarette industry.

Ongoing regulatory issues

In a landmark victory for electronic cigarette supporters, and the industry as a whole, the UK government’s announcement that electronic cigarette sales will be banned to those under 18 has been well received. This is something which the industry has been demanding for some time, makes perfect sense for reputable and responsible retailers and will rid the industry of low quality operators who have no qualms about selling to those under the age of 18.

This is perhaps not the response you might expect, if you read the often biased media of late, with the industry demonised as something of a "Wild West" market. The truth is that it is in the best interests of all parties involved, especially those who use electronic cigarettes, to rid the sector of low quality products and irresponsible retailers. This will then allow this cloud of doubt to lift from the sector so that we can then discuss the regulatory framework for the future.

Growth in electronic cigarettes

At this moment in time, growth in the electronic cigarette industry is to all intents and purposes running ahead of the regulatory environment which has lagged behind for some time. It may take some time for regulations to catch up, it may take some time to further educate the consumer market but progress is being made on all fronts. A number of medical trials have shown the benefits of electronic cigarettes compared to their tobacco cigarette counterparts and while further trials will be required to determine any long-term impact on health, there have not been any reports of health issues attributed directly to the use of electronic cigarettes.

It is also worth noting that while the US market alone was worth around $1 billion during 2013, with the worldwide market estimated at in excess of $3 billion, there is scope for significant growth in the short, medium and longer term. Indeed over the next 20 or 30 years some experts believe that electronic cigarette sales will overshadow their tobacco cigarette counterparts - which will offer a very difficult situation to governments around the world. How will they react to a significant reduction in their tobacco tax income as the popularity of electronic cigarettes continues to grow?

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28-01-2014 05:04 PM
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