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Worth while read..
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Worth while read..
It's a lot to read but well worth it .......

Vaping Saves Lives. To vape is to advocate..
19-05-2015 02:53 PM
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Almost Jaded (05-20-2015)
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RE: Worth while read..
(19-05-2015 02:53 PM)Robjenko Wrote:  It's a lot to read but well worth it .......
Good read.  I have thought about the road blocks that big tobacco and quit aid companies are going to put up. I think they should just make the liquid manufactures stamp the bottles with labels of ingredients, similar to all foods sold now.  Leave us alone government!
19-05-2015 04:37 PM
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RE: Worth while read..
An excellent read and one that epitomizes the problem I have with politics. NOTHING grinds my gears more than hypocrisy and American politics has been founded on it since time immemorial. For that West Virginian senator to grandstand and say to e-cig execs “I’m ashamed of you. I don’t know how you go to sleep at night. I don’t know what gets you to work in the morning except the color green of dollars. You are what is wrong with this country” took some serious brass balls and a conscious effort to outright ignore the fact that tobacco is one of the products this nation was founded on and to this day, many states depend on tobacco taxes (“the color green of dollars”) to function! And that same tobacco they so readily tax and reap financial benefits from is KNOWN to cause harm!! How does HE sleep at night?!?


And as to e-cigs being a gateway to regular cigarettes, I may be wrong, but I seriously doubt it’s going to be as big a problem as the “precautionist” want to lead people to believe. Honestly, had e-cigs been my first foray into inhaled nicotine, given the myriad flavors and customization vaping provides, I don’t think a stale-ass regular cigarette with its subsequent odors AND known harm could compete. I don’t think anyone in their right mind would drive a Lexus as a jump off point into Chevy.


I just feel the whole thing is a smoke and mirror show while politicians and big tobacco try to find ways they can profit from it as vaping becomes more prevalent. I highly doubt any of them give two poo-poos about the health risks (see the millions dead and suffering already from traditional tobacco products); they just want a piece of the pie. No, not a “piece,” they want the WHOLE pie. To paraphrase one of my favorite videogame industry critics on big developers: “[they] aren’t happy making some of the money if they’re not making all of the money.” I’d almost respect those efforts if they were at least upfront enough to say they’re simply biding their time until they can profit from it too (because we KNOW that’s coming.) Instead, they fear-monger and twist facts (knowing that most people only read the headlines before calling themselves “informed” and forming an opinion) to push people away from vaping, or more sinisterly, BACK to cigarettes.

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19-05-2015 06:41 PM
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Michael (05-21-2015)
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RE: Worth while read..
Great read.  I also read all of thelinked articles and shared most of them on FB.  That site is filled with intelligent, well written, well researches gold.

Remind one liberal per day, that laws affect only the law-abiding.
20-05-2015 03:40 AM
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