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Why is a RDA/RTA better?
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Why is a RDA/RTA better?
I'm talking about flavor only, I'm not to chasing massive clouds.I can buy pre-made coils that use the same wire and cotton just like you guys do. I can buy a pre-made coil with Kanthal, Nickel, SS, Clapton's, or even Ceramic rfrom any Ohm's ranging from .1 to 1.5. I can buy Big pre-made coils with a lot of cotton like Smok, or Cleito, I can buy small coils with less cotton coils like the Melo 3 or Kanger.  I can buy coils tanks that vape at 20w-50w, (like me), or I can get a pre-made that runs 100-200W like the cloud chasers.

We use the exact same ingredients, and I can buy 200+ different kinds of pre-made coils just for my 3 tanks. Is the whole DIY think more of a hobby/money saver? or do you honestly believe that your DIY coils are that much better than the pre-made?

Why is it Better???

(can u please say "wire", when people say "coil" in the forum they mean pre-made coils, not the "wire" DIY uses)
08-05-2017 08:19 AM
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RE: Why is a RDA/RTA better?
Hi Suk - it is a hobby to most of us as is the whole vaping ''thing''. There is a great deal of satisfaction in making your own coils and juice and some even making their own mods. There is the experimental side to it as well. To a great many on this forum - me included - it is great to see others making wonderful coils - like gently - who also builds mods BTW. It is a great talent and nice to share with others. It also adds to the knowledge surrounding vaping. For those like yourself and others who don't have the time or the wonderful patience to do it, buying coils is fine - but the hobby is what drives it all on - and hopefully long may it last. Enjoy your vaping[Image: smile.gif].
08-05-2017 09:00 AM
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RE: Why is a RDA/RTA better?
Vaping is too personal to answer a question as you've put it. What are you looking for, best for flavor? The options are endless. I'd say RDA with a .5 and up coil. Or MTL vaping. I love my RTDA for flavor.

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Bibliora aka Torrey Girl_wink
08-05-2017 04:43 PM
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RE: Why is a RDA/RTA better?
What draws me to rebuildables is that it's cost efficiant , a spool of 30' kanthall cost 5.7 usd at a vape shop vs 2-8 usd for coils and coil units . A 30' roll can build more than 25 coils , and thes can be re wicked . Some use hand built coils for 2-3 months or more vs the 2-3 weeks a coil unit lasts at best . Ther is also the advantage of being able to experiment with coil builds from simple single srand coils to complex multi strand coils .
If you would like to try to rebuildables at some point youtube is loaded with tutorials , i recommend Rip Trippers " coil building 101 parts 1&2 to start . Rip is loud and some what abrasive , but his vids are well made and he dose know his shit . TVF has a faqs section that is well worth a look with articals such as "what the heck is ohms law "

Why be normal when wierd is so much fun.
08-05-2017 07:15 PM
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RE: Why is a RDA/RTA better?
Suk, there is no one answer to your question(s), it's different for everyone. I wrap wire for various reasons including the cost factor but mostly for the challenge of trying different things...I can take a simple wire (Kanthal A1 26g) and can create a really good simple 10 wrap, or take identical 2 strands and do a parallel coil or take 2 strands and twisted it, then wrap it...each will give me different ohms, different flavour levels and at different power ranges....I can and have spent hours to create a single complicated coil that may look pretty but won't necessarily increase the flavour - but will look cool. To me, it's the sense of accomplishment of having done it with my own hands....

A different day I can wrap wire and create a 1.2 ohms coil and minutes later wrap a .12 ohms preference is simple yet simple twisted wire - 2 wires (28g) is good, 3 is better....take that twisted wire and clapton it with ribbon wire and it looks super sharp but easy...wire with crevices creates more surface for juice to absorb others have said, I can spend $30 on wire and it will last me a year or more.... that would have been a few weeks of factory coils....
08-05-2017 08:06 PM
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RE: Why is a RDA/RTA better?
Essentially you aren't stuck with what's on the menu. Wire and cotton are cheap, prebuilt and wicked coils aren't. Since it is almost always the wicks becoming nasty that make people change out prebuilt coils, there might be a market for easily reworked prebuilt units.

Or there might not.
09-05-2017 08:44 AM
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