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Why do people switch to electronic cigarettes?
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Why do people switch to electronic cigarettes?
The electronic cigarette industry has been in the news of late due to impressive growth and various governments and regulators around the world looking to introduce formal regulations. The number of electronic cigarette users around the world is now well into the millions and many people are now starting to ask why do people switch to electronic cigarettes from traditional tobacco cigarettes?

While the vast majority of those now using electronic cigarettes have switched from tobacco cigarettes there are also individuals who are using electronic cigarettes that have never sampled tobacco counterparts. We will now take a look at reasons why individuals seem willing to switch from tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes.

Health issues

Health issues concerning electronic cigarettes are currently being addressed and while more long-term trials are required the initial findings are encouraging compared to their tobacco cigarette counterparts. It is common knowledge that the standard tobacco cigarette contains around 4000+ toxins some of which have allegedly been associated with an array of medical conditions. This issue in itself is controversial and attracts very different opinions but the general consensus seems to be, even amongst the most ardent critics of electronic cigarettes, that electronic cigarettes are at worst "less harmful" than their tobacco counterparts.

The better quality electronic cigarettes contain liquid nicotine which is vaporised, inhaled and exhaled as effectively flavoured water. Some of the low quality electronic cigarettes have been found to contain other elements although quality control is something that the industry is certainly getting to grips with. There have even been suggestions that electronic cigarettes could be "99% less harmful" than their tobacco cigarette counterparts although long-term medical trials will be required to confirm the situation once and for all.

Price issues

The issue of price is something which is very prevalent especially in the current economic climate and something which has attracted the attention of potential electronic cigarette users. These devices are significantly cheaper than their tobacco cigarette counterparts even if you take into account the tax charges which tobacco cigarettes attract. The main products available are rechargeable electronic cigarettes and disposable electronic cigarettes which pretty much describe themselves.

When you buy an electronic cigarette you will be informed of the tobacco cigarette equivalent with many disposable electronic cigarettes calibrated to offer the equivalent of 20 traditional cigarettes. Many rechargeable electronic cigarettes offer a higher comparison figure and indeed refills are readily available taking in an array of different flavours and strengths. It will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer but on the whole electronic cigarettes are significantly cheaper than their tobacco counterparts.

Smoking in public places

The issue of secondary smoking and electronic cigarettes is a very hot topic at the moment because an array of medical studies has highlighted the significantly reduce risk. Rather than exhaling smoke, which contains an array of toxins from your traditional tobacco cigarette, when using an electronic cigarette you are exhaling water vapour which very quickly evaporates. There is some debate as to whether there are any secondary smoking issues and further medical trials are planned.

One of the benefits of the modern-day electronic cigarette is the fact that in the vast majority of countries around the world it is not covered by the smoking ban. Therefore, at this moment in time, there are very few in the way of restrictions as to where and when you can use these devices. This may change in the medium to long term and it is worth checking local regulations to ensure that you are abiding by any restrictions. Many experts believe there is no reason to ban electronic cigarettes from use in public places and this is yet another hot topic doing the rounds at the moment.

Quit tobacco cigarettes

Legally electronic cigarettes cannot be marketed as a quit smoking tool despite the fact that millions of people around the world have seemingly used them to reduce or eliminate their tobacco cigarette intake. By describing electronic cigarette as a quit smoking tool this would effectively classify them as a medical device which would bring about an array of new restrictions from governments around the world. However, a number of experts have highlighted the fact that by switching from tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes there is the potential to save millions of lives in the future.

It will be interesting to see how governments around the world react to ongoing medical trials which many believe will highlight the potential to save lives in the future. Only then will we see whether the ongoing introduction of electronic cigarette regulations is about health or money.


There are many reasons why electronic cigarettes have become very popular over the last three or four years. Indeed such has been the massive growth in sales that experts believe worldwide turnover in 2013 was around $3.5 billion. While this is dwarfed by the tobacco cigarette industry, currently running at around $750 billion turnover per annum, it is interesting to see that some prominent individuals believe that electronic cigarettes will overshadow their tobacco counterparts within 20 years.

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12-01-2014 09:21 PM
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