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Vendor Rules
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Exclamation Vendor Rules
Verified Vendor Rules.

In order to create a thread in the Verified Vendor section you will first need to be Verified. Please contact Spasmod to find out how.

Once verified with the owners of TVF as a legitimate vendor, you will be given your own sub-forum with Moderator assignment.

We ask all vendors to please follow these rules laid out below....

  • Direct advertising Must only be placed in Your Sub-Forum within the Verified Vendor section. DO NOT self promote your company outside of your own sub-forum under any circumstances.
  • Please feel free to fully participate in other discussions as any regular member would, or to answer specific questions about your business or products.
  • Please do not Spam the forum with constant advertisements. We allow Only One advertising/promotional post or thread per Vendor - per day.
  • Please do not attempt to derail, flame, troll or participate in open arguments in threads created by other Vendors.
  • Please remain civil and conduct yourselves in a professional and courteous manner - Remember, other members are your potential customers.
  • When advertising your products, try to be as clear and concise as possible with a good explanation of the product you are advertising. Feel free to post images but Do Not make a new thread with ONLY images.

Please note
Vendors we consider inactive will have their advertising privileges and sub-forum removed. Commercial links in signatures will also be removed.

Poor business conduct will lead to the removal of advertising privileges and sub-forum, with a strong likelihood of permanent removal from this community.

If the conditional requirements for free advertising on TVF are not met, vendor advertising privileges and sub-forums will be removed. We check these periodically.


The advertising of cells on TVF is now explicitly prohibited unless legitimate Datasheets are provided. These will be stored for reference purposes.

Any advertising of cells without authorization will be swiftly removed. We will not condone irresponsible Sales before Safety policies.

Herbal Vaporizers

The advertising of anything related to Herbal Vaporizing is prohibited. Any Herbal related advertising will be swiftly removed along with your sub-forum and advertising privileges.

These Vendor Rules are subject to change without notice, please be sure to check them regularly.
10-11-2013 01:06 AM
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