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ULTRONER Aether Squonk Mod
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ULTRONER Aether Squonk Mod
Hi Vaping Forum members, In this review i take a look at the Aether Squonk Mod from . The ULTRONER Aether Squonk Mod was supplied for the purpose of this review by Violette from Vapeciga.

Ultroner aether Squonk Mod

[Image: G1awnd8.png]


Ultroner are known for their affordable stabwood devices and long standing partnership with Asmodus and have just released a few products independently one of which is the Mini Stick which i have reviewed recently. Here though we have another collaboration between Ultroner and Vaperound Magazine based here in the UK. The Aether is a fully regulated 80W single 18650 device which has been designed with the goals of being compact, simple to use and to have sound ergonomics. The device is power only having no temp control but does come with wattage, Voltage and Mech (Bypass) modes, but no bells and whistles settings. The device is quite lightweight having Aluminium top and base plates and a full stabwood body, let's give it a little look!


In The Box

[Image: LLqM7Xg.jpg]


1 x Mod 
1 x Squonk Assembly
1 x 7ml Extra ABS Bottle
1 x English Manual Card


Aesthetics and Ergonomics

The Aether comes in cardboard box packaging with a slide out draw and on opening i found i had received the Blue version which also has Green's, Orange, White and Brown blended in making it stunning looking. The stabwood has a lacquered coating giving it a polished look and the joints between the top and bottom plates has no gaps whatsoever, cracking finish! The colour options are Green, Blue, Black (denotes main colour, each one unique), in my opinion the Black version really looks the Bee's Knees.
The form factor is sought of triangular in nature but very curved with rounded back edging. The front is narrow following the contours of the squonk assembly while the spine is much broader as the back end accommodates the battery one side and the PCB the other. The front of the device houses a small Black fire button within an indented area for your finger to comfortably rest then further down we have the cutout section to allow access to press the bottle. The rear is very nicely curved and has "Aether" and both the Ultroner and Vapouround logos in White which look as if they were transferred onto the wood before the coating was applied and some would wish they just weren't there. One side is featureless (just enjoy that polished stabwood finish) while the other houses the screen, round Black navigational buttons that sit flush and the micro USB port. Moving to the base we have the battery cap with central leaver one side and the bottom of the squonk assembly the other, we also have some branding in White. Finally moving up top we have a 510 plate positioned above the position of the squonk assembly and a Gold plated, spring loaded BF 510. The device feels great in either hand but especially in the right where your pointer finger sits in the indented fire button section leaving you a choice of fingers to use for pressing the bottle, while the curved spine sits comfortably in the hand.

[Image: MHBaBzT.jpg][Image: hYqrOVZ.jpg]
[Image: mEj3Sj0.jpg][Image: d8a6xqZ.jpg]


Aether Specs and Features:

Product name: Aether Mod
Dimensions: 79mm*47mm*38mm
Weight: 108g
Chipset: SEVO-80
Construction: Stabilised wood + Aluminium
Wattage output: 5W-80W
Maximum voltage output: 7.5V
Coil resistance range: 0.1ohms – 3.0ohms
Battery Type: Single 18650 battery
Bottom feeder
7ml Capacity
Exquisite design and portable size
Easy-operated buttons & 0.91 OLED Screen
Colours: Green, Blue, Black (denotes main colour, each one unique)

[Image: M3MDuer.jpg][Image: DPjXP8W.jpg]


Fitting the Battery

The Aether is a 80W device which accommodates a single 18650 battery. On the bottom of the device we have an old school style of battery cap which has a central lever that folds out which can then be used for unscrewing the cap. The threading is very smooth and i still prefer this type of design for fitting single batteries as it's very secure and you can't damage your wraps. Some may not like the fact the threading on these caps take quite a few turns to undo or tighten up and although i find long threading on the top-cap of a sub-ohm tank or RTA a pain as liquid needs adding often i don't really see why long threading on a battery cap is an issue as it's not as if you are swapping batteries out every few minutes.

[Image: FQBPkPw.jpg]


The Display

The display is sharp despite looking blurred on my pictures but that's because it's also extremely bright which the camera i use on my ipod struggles to cope with. On the left side of the display we have the resistance top, then underneath the voltage which displays watts instead when in Voltage or Mech mode, finally at the bottom we have the battery status bar.
In the top right section of the display we have the Wattage which will display Voltage instead when in Voltage and Mech modes and underneath we have the mode to the left and puff counter to the right.

[Image: 77upqPc.jpg]


Navigating The Aether

The Aether is powered by the SEVO chip which has been designed for simplicity, intuitive operation and efficiency. To turn the device on and off is 3 clicks of the fire button and once on pressing both navigational buttons together locks the device completely so it won't fire. You can't just lock the navigational buttons but as they sit flush it's not needed but this does lead me to a picky con, although i actually like flush navigational buttons as settings aren't altered by accident i have small fingers so i can see that people with chubby fingers could find it a bit fiddly.
The device's screen turns off after 10 seconds of inactivity which is done along with the simplicity of the board to help with efficiency and i don't mind this at all as after taking a vape 10 seconds is plenty long enough to read and take in whatever information you want from the screen and when firing from standby the device still fires instantly. 
To change modes is up and fire together and now using the navigational buttons you can scroll through the 3 modes which are Wattage, Voltage and Mech (Bypass), when the mode you want is highlighted just press fire to select. The only other feature available is the puff counter which can be reset or you can set a limit, to access the puff counter press down and fire together which automatically resets it, if that's all you wanted to do press fire to continue vaping or you can use the navigational buttons to set a limit before pressing fire. That's it a user friendly menu with no bells and whistles for those that like to keep things nice and simple.

[Image: 6NSqEPp.jpg][Image: JIYA6kU.jpg]


The Squonk Assembly

You receive one 7ml ABS squonk bottle in the squonk assembly and a spare silicone squonk bottle with no assembly. Obviously if you wanted to replace the squonk bottle that is in the assembly you simply replace with the spare bottle but it would of been nice if the spare also came housed in an assembly with a sealed top so all that was needed was to swap tops this would also mean the second bottle could be filled ready with juice.
The squonk assembly has a cutout to match the one on the device to press the bottle and the first thing to mention is they have got the tension spot on with the bottles, not too soft or too stiff, they are absolutely perfect in my opinion. The top of the assembly has a hole which the pipe inside the device will feed down into. unscrewing this top reveals it has tubing on the underside that feeds down into the bottle and with this tubing removed the bottle can quickly and easily be filled, then just feed the tubing back and tighten the top.
Filling is quick and mess free and the only issue to many might be the charcoal colour of the silicone bottles is not as translucent as lighter colours so you need to hold it up to good light to see your juice level.

[Image: 0z6D6Dq.jpg][Image: w8pmg4g.jpg][Image: yrxKgez.jpg]


Fitting The Squonk Assembly

The Aether uses a slide and lock method of fitting the assembly in place which is extremely quick and mess free. When the assembly is pushed in the device it is lined up with the device's pipe which automatically feeds down into the assembly, it then just needs a quarter turn that lines the assembly's cutout with the device's and it drops down locked in place. The system is spring loaded so when you need to remove the assembly to fill the bottle you just push upwards and give it a quarter turn and the assembly slides out.

[Image: MfNfw44.jpg][Image: ySC0QxK.jpg]


My Experience Using The Aether And Thoughts

The first thing to mention is how gorgeous the lacquered stabwood finish looks and how ergonomic the device is especially when using right handed.
The main cons for the device are going to be subjective depending on how you vape and what you like. It has no TC for example and it's not loaded with settings but while many like all the bells and whistles and some prefer vaping using TC there will be as many who prefer simple power devices without all the extra baggage. Not accommodating a 21700 battery will also be a con for some but i know Vapouround set out to design a compact ergonomic device so i bet they considered it but came to the conclusion it would add too much height and keeping it to 80W a decent 18650 will do the job.
I tested the device in all modes and it performs like a little trooper, in Wattage mode all wattage's i tried seemed accurate including the 80W top wattage. The device fires instantly and although the fire button is small your finger rests in the indented area and the button size becomes a non issue it also gives a satisfying click. The device as claimed seems very efficient and i got good battery life but of course if you vape towards the device's top wattage output, battery life isn't going to be great and you should be looking to get a dual battery squonk device.
The Aether really is suited for single coil RDA'a and MTL RDA's which are also are going to give really good battery life. I did find i needed to hold the device up to a good light source to see my juice level which is a con but the charcoal bottle is for aesthetics as it suits the top, bottom and buttons on the device and to be honest if the spare was more translucent i personally would still use the charcoal one. The device will accommodate up to a 26mm atty without overhang which will cover most attys you would want to use on a 80W device. Finally it's a very clean squonking device with no leaks whatsoever and the whole filling system is quick and mess free.

[Image: TXbuh3h.jpg][Image: RyOESKo.jpg]



Top quality build quality
Beautiful Lacquered Stabwood finish
Every device unique
Ergonomic compact device
Very clean and mess free filling
Perfect tension on bottles
Squonk assembly slide and lock system (very quick) 
Battery cap smooth threading
Fires instantly and accurately
Very simple to navigate
Sharp, bright display
Wattage, Voltage and Mech (Bypass) modes
Using 60W and lower very good battery life (comparable to other single battery devices)
Spare bottle
Worked great with single coil and MTL RDA's


Hard to see juice level
No TC (only a con for TC users)
Not a 21700 device (but it allows it to be smaller)
Navigational buttons sit flush (not an issue to me but could be fiddly if you have chubby fingers)
Not suited for high wattage users

[Image: d65SJRW.jpg]

I would once again like to thank Violette from Vapeciga for supplying the Ultroner Aether Squonk Mod for the purpose of this review.

Ultroner aether Squonk Mod

11-08-2019 11:57 PM
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