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The new Triton 2
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RE: The new Triton 2
(15-10-2015 04:05 PM)TinWhisker Wrote:  The Triton 1 is a good tank. The Triton 2 doesn't appear to be THAT much better, so I don't think you should feel to bad X. I bought them before 2 was announced also. I'm fine with it. You have a nice tank, whichever V they deem it to be. Don't fret.

And while I'm certainly not made of money, it's not like you bought a '15 model car only to find the '16 is worlds better and far improved for the same money you paid. It's double digit dollars, not 5 or 6 digit big bucks. In other words- don't sweat the petty things, and don't pet the sweaty things.

I’m not fussing over what I spent at all; it’s more the PRINCIPLE of the thing. Kris hit the nail right on the head and drove that sumbitch about halfway through the board: “just because a manufacturer can release a new version of their product doesn't mean they should IMO. I'd rather have a [longer] release cycle but higher quality and better (rather than just different) design.” It’s not that I bought a ’15 model car and am comparing it to better the ’16 model; I’m saying I bought a ’15 model car, and 2 months later, they released ANOTHER and BETTER ’15 model!! Don’t get me wrong, I like the Triton 1 just fine, but I don’t use the top air vent (I keep it closed) and I wish I could take it apart to clean it; so when they turn around and release v2.0 within the same half-year WITHOUT top air flow AND you can take it apart to clean it, it’s a slap in the face. They should have at LEAST let the Triton 1 age a year or so before “improving” on it with a next generation. I know it’d never happen, but it’d be nice if Aspire offered anyone who bought the Triton 1 like a $10 rebate on the Triton v2.0 or something, SOMETHING that says “yeah, we kinda fumbled this one; here’s for our appreciation of your supporting us.” Triton 2 is not a “new” product; it’s what they SHOULD have released as Triton 1 months ago (with the top air flow still included as some like that option.)

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15-10-2015 05:55 PM
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RE: The new Triton 2
Well, it looks like the coils and the rest of the internals are untouched. So that said, say next week your Triton takes a fall, and the only thing that kept the tank from shattering was the metal jacket. Suddenly the V1 doesn't look so bad.

I agree that too many release cycles can be bad, but in this case I think it was nothing more than a response from the marketplace that wanted the choice of taking it apart more than anything. To me, it doesn't look like Triton V2; they should have just said 'now you can get the Triton with a fully-disassembling body if you want, you pick which Triton suits you'. Since the coils and the optional buildable deck look identical, they should have just made it an enhancement to the existing one and they blew the marketing. Either way, it's splitting hairs and picking nits at this point.
15-10-2015 06:51 PM
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