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The SLUG (Shenxi)
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The SLUG (Shenxi)
Let me first explain that I specified (Shenxi type) because that is they origin of my particular mod I'm sure others may have slight differences.
I bought this mod from RBA Vapors ( shortly after the Twisted 420 review.  You can see that review here.
He noted several shortcomings, but in looking at the RBA site, they claimed to have addressed all the shortcomings. 
When I received it, they had, in fact corrected the things pointed out by Twisted 420, and I was elated to find that it was a very high quality piece that functioned perfectly as promised. there are a couple of inherent things to watch for, one of which was covered by Twisted 420, that I had not considered to be serious flaws.
The first of which is the battery door (I refer to it as a plug) made of hard rubber, and screws into the base to capture the battery and its copper base barrel. IMO that is the only true Achilles heel in this mod, if this plug is cross threaded, its wasted. The other is the trigger actuation spring. Twisted 420 warned of its difficult nature once removed, and I can verify that. If you're not a patient person, having a good deal of reason.. DO NOT DISASSEMBLE the trigger mechanism, as it is extremely tedious in reassembling.
I would recommend a through cleaning and polishing when you get it, as it is not at its conductive best. In the cleaning and polishing process you need to pay careful attention to the barrel that the battery is in. The end screws off and you can clean and polish the stub that contacts the negative post, carefully clean the threads, and reassemble, then you will have to reach inside the battery well to clean the end of the firing switch that contacts the side of the battery barrel.  Once cleaned and polished, this mod hits like a beast.
I find it very comfortable in the hand, If you've seen this mod, you already know, its past unique, I go a lot of places, and being a vaper, you know that includes every vape shop I see.. I have yet to see another SLUG in Arkansas, but I'm very glad I got this one. In the near future, I will more than likely get the COPPER SLUG as well, If you're a serious DIY'er I feel confidant that you will want this in your collection.
I would also like to graciously thank Twisted 420 for his very accurate and careful review in the first place, and he was in fact, my inspiration to buy the Shenxi (pronounced Shen-she) from RBA, and to thank the good folks at RBA for an exceptional addition to my collection. GOD bless you all, and Vape on!

Onward.. through the Fog!
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09-04-2015 02:47 PM
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RE: The SLUG (Shenxi)
I love my Slug mod and am considering getting an all copper version as well. I'm really glad you like yours as much as I do mine. Wink

It's funny about Twisted's review being a big factor in your purchase of it. IIRC that particular review of his of the Slug had Spas and I in stitches laughing at his ignorance and just how little he really knows about what he is doing. It's the review where he is comparing the clone to a real one. Too, too funny! Rofl
09-04-2015 09:59 PM
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RE: The SLUG (Shenxi)
my mate got a slug clone and the finish on the wood was not the best
he sanded it down a little and put some carbon fibre wrap on there
it looks really good

if at first you don't succeed ,call it version 1.0
13-04-2015 04:12 PM
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