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The Current Status Of Electronic Cigarettes
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The Current Status Of Electronic Cigarettes
Joking, September is the 'black September' of e-cigarettes, and negative news is coming one after another.

Since August 2019, there have been successive incidents of suspected e-cigarette deaths. However, the enthusiasm of capital for the electronic cigarette track has not been reduced. Where does the savage growth of the electronic cigarette industry go?

[Image: 822_34505a13-763c-4c5c-827a-d1d782f8b56a...1558491340]

Electronic cigarette crazy growth stage

E-cigarettes are not a new thing in every country. Take the JUUL brand that everyone is paying attention to recently as an example:
In 2013, Chenyue Xing scientists invented an innovative formula for nicotine, "nicotine salt", it can be closer to the taste experience of real smoke. Before the birth of technology,60% of traditional smokers have been exposed to e-cigarettes, the conversion rate is only 6%. This technology increases conversion rates to 30%. This technology has driven the popularity of e-cigarettes around the world.

JUUL produces a new formula of electronic cigarettes, sales of its products increased by 700% in 2016. As of October 2018, occupy 70% of the US electronic cigarette market share.

End of 2018, the world's largest tobacco company "Altria Group" bought a 35% stake in JUUL for $12.8 billion, JUUL's valuation reached $38 billion.

JUUL's amazing growth rate has stimulated the blowout of e-cigarette ventures. YOOZ,LINX,RELX and so on. They are racing to chase a market with great potential. There is data showing that the global e-cigarette market has reached 12 billion US dollars, the US electronic cigarette penetration rate is as high as 31%.

[Image: 822_bb89df66-ae54-4846-8b4c-d2d33f8b1a63...1565247365]


E-cigarette market shuffling soon

No matter how fierce the wind of the electronic cigarette is, the supervision is always a sword hanging over the top of each player, making its fate confusing. Even in the mature US and European markets, Juul is in deep water.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said, as of October 8, the number of fatal lung diseases associated with e-cigarettes confirmed in the United States reached 1299. Although the e-cigarette is not the cause of the disease, there is no definitive conclusion. However, it has caused public opinion to question the dangers of electronic cigarettes and nicotine salts to human health.

Simultaneously, many e-cigarette brands are expanding sales, do multiple "packaging" in design and marketing, and screaming on social media, unscrupulously push e-cigarette products to the mass market.

Some advertise themselves as "helping to quit smoking," pulling on the old smokers who are eager to quit smoking, some use trendy marketing methods and new and varied tastes, attracting the attention of young people who are curious and trend-seeking, especially the flavored e-cigarettes of various fruit flavors such as strawberries and mangoes have induced the addition of minors, push the electronic cigarette to the cusp.

Currently, the United States, India, Brazil, Japan, and other countries and regions have introduced control measures related to e-cigarettes. October 9, China’s Ali and Jingdong two e-commerce platforms announced a moratorium on selling e-cigarettes to US buyers, in line with the US local strict control of e-cigarette policy.
The controversy over e-cigarette damage continues. October 7th, A recent study by the New York University School of Medicine research team shows that e-cigarette smoke-induced experimental mice suffering from lung cancer and bladder urothelial hyperplasia, experiments have not been able to determine whether e-cigarette smoke poses a hazard to the human body.

“In academia, everyone is consistent, thinking that nicotine-based e-cigarettes reduce the carcinogens that smokers consume, such as tobacco tar, aldehydes, nitrosamines, etc., are carcinogens that are produced when smoking cigarettes, electronic cigarettes will not be produced.”

[Image: 822_c2e454e5-291d-42ef-ad9d-dfcf0f069853...1565595017]

What will be the consequences of all this?
E-cigarettes are tightening in many countries around the world, it also affects the direction of e-cigarette regulatory policies in various countries. According to the draft national standard circulating on the Internet, the standard will specify the technical requirements and experimental methods for smoking, liquid smoke, and emissions, it stipulates that the concentration of nicotine in tobacco oil should be limited to 2% or less, it is far below the nicotine concentration of 3% or 5% of mainstream smoke oil on the market. If so, the industry will soon have a big reshuffle.

If the nicotine content falls below 2%, whether the product's effect is similar to real smoke, meets the needs of smokers, it is the key to winning the future.

After the emerging e-cigarette brand enters the market, in the beginning, it may reach users through marketing. This is a repurchase business, users will compare the product taste, oil spill and other issues to decide to continue to buy.

For the direction of regulatory policy, most smokers are relatively optimistic,
think that the quality of smoke oil is controlled, prevent minors from getting into e-cigarettes, rely on market regulation and regulation, "We hope that the national standards will come out as soon as possible,this can be used to measure whether the products on the market meet the specifications by standard, some that do not meet the specifications will be eliminated by the market.” In this way, the e-cigarette market will continue to grow steadily and healthily.

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