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I know this has been touched upon many times but thought i would give my 10p worth on it, in short this TPD lark pi%%$s me right off, i started smoking 30 odd years ago when the government were quite openly bombarding you with ciggarette adverts wether it be on tv, sporting events or billboards. then, the powers that be decide that smoking is bad for you and then proceeded to spend millions telling you so. Then came along vaping, which for me was the only thing that helped me quit for good, its helped me and millions others quit where gum, patches etc etc failed, we (in the UK) are always hearing from the clowns in Downing Street how much of a strain smoking related diseases are on the NHS so you would think that vaping, for us and them would quite literally be a breath of fresh air but no, they have now realised they are losing millions in revenue and are clutching at straws on how to make this money back so they can reclaim it on expenses to furnish their lavish lifestyles. This government needs to work out if they are really here for the people that put em in power or, as i think is the case, just in it for easy money. Im not that stubborn (or stupid) but i do often wonder if i start smoking again and then get all the relevant diseases from it if i could bypass the NHS and get all my treatment from BUPA and just bill Downing street direct!! I have searched aswell but im not sure if all the other "quit remedies" are included in the TPD as they contain nicotine but cant find anything. For me though, this bill all comes down to money, they dont give a flying .... about us or our health, all they care about is tax tax tax, it is really pathetic, the government should be thanking us, not dictating to us!
31-05-2016 02:38 PM
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Michael (05-31-2016)
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It's not millions - tobacco taxes gave the Exchequer more than 11 billion pounds last year.

Or 20% of the tax cut that roach Osborne gave bankers in his first Budget in 2010.



Or around 350 billion less tax they have had to pay while everyone on benefits gets a nasty cut in income.

With any luck this Government will not survive the Neverendum.

TVF tested battery info to be found here

[Image: 24291313393_16615b20b2_m.jpg]
31-05-2016 04:52 PM
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Vape_Me (05-31-2016)
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It strikes me as odd that the government is so concerned with their revenue from tobacco tax, and forcing e-cigs off the market, but also paying for healthcare. Why don't they just split the difference, quit paying for tobacco-related healthcare and get cigarettes out by allowing vaping to take hold? 

Oh, because they're horse's asses, that's why. 

Fuck 'em. I'm becoming more of an anarchist every day. 
31-05-2016 06:56 PM
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Yes, lest we forget those two words- Horse's Asses.
31-05-2016 07:01 PM
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