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Staggered fused Clapton
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RE: Staggered fused Clapton
I have just had a pita of a time with sfc's , using the button trick got my stagered wrap nailed down just keep botching the fuse wrap .Need to get a feel for the sweet spot with the drill , fast enough to get done , but slow enough to be accurate .

"The further back you look , the further ahead you can see " Winston Churchill
05-08-2017 05:18 PM
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RE: Staggered fused Clapton
I have found 32-36 the best for wrapping. But i am a newb so i may be wrong.

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05-08-2017 07:58 PM
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RE: Staggered fused Clapton
(05-08-2017 12:32 AM)TinWhisker Wrote:  I have watched a lot of YouTube videos on how to make these things, with the Daedalus and without. But I must be freaking stupid because I can't understand what they are doing. How do they space the wrap? Seriously. I watched several videos with tips, including a button technique that looked promising, but none of them work.

I am not the most patient man on the planet, so I am stopping before I throw the jig, the wire, the chargers, and all my stupid gear out the damn window. I know me; I will do it. I've beaten many electronics to death out of frustration, most recently my Garmin GPS that lasted for 10 uses before going permanently stupid. I found out later there is an un-bricking process, but it was in about as many pieces as one can be in by that time. So I have to stop. But I want to beat the jig to a million pieces right now.

Someone here, can you put it into words and/or link a specific video that shows it simply and cleanly, and it would help if the video quality is good. Many bonus points for a Daedalus video. The ones I found are horrible.

I am not going to attempt this tonight. I am going to continue to use my regular fused Clapton and drink as many beers as my body will allow. I will maybe try again tomorrow. Hopefully some good posts will follow.

To summarize, how the <redacted> do you get the <redacted> <redacted> <redacted> spacing in the <redacted><redacted><redacted><redacted> coil, please?
0nly being calm and shure of what you are doing can give you what you want
12-09-2017 12:31 AM
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