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Some thoughts on the God Mod
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Some thoughts on the God Mod
A couple days ago, I picked up a God Mod at my local shop. It was sort of on a whim; I had been thinking about buying a new mod anyway, I just wasn't sure which one I wanted. I had mostly settled on getting a Sigelei-100W Plus, since it's an upgrade from my Sigelei-100W and one of the vendors here on the forum has them at a great price. But when I saw the God Mod sitting on its little spinning pedestal in my favorite shop, I just knew I had to have it. 

Now, let me just say that buying mods the way I do is a very bad idea. I'm an impulse buyer: the longer I stand in line, the more likely I am to pick up a pack of gum or bottle of Coke at the store, and when I see something shiny in a vape shop, I secretly hope I don't have enough cash in my wallet so I can resist the urge to buy it. 

I had enough cash for the God Mod, so of course I got it, even though I hadn't even heard of it five minutes before and I hadn't researched it at all. All I knew was it was about $90, it looked spectacular in black, and it claimed to put out 180 watts. 

Fast forward, I got it home and charged the batteries, checked it out, read a few sentences from the instruction manual, and away we go. After having it for a couple of days, I've figured out most of the important stuff about it, like how to turn it on and how to boost the power to 180 watts and how to catch eLiquid on fire. That last one was a bit of a surprise, to say the least. One minute I was thinking "Hey let's see what 180W does on a .4 ohm build!" and the next minute I was thinking "that was a very bad idea." 

I'm very impressed with this mod so far. It takes 3 18650 cells, and if you're not using it at the full 180W it has better battery life than anything else I've used because of the fact that it uses three cells. It has a nice menu and options to do everything you can imagine. I'll do a full review on it once I've tested out a few more things, but I can go ahead and say that it is a very nice mod. 

Now, I need to point out that this mod is definitely not for everyone. You should be able to check the voltage on your cells and make sure they're balanced before you even consider buying something with 2-3 cells in it. You'll also need to understand how the power works and how to build your atties to be safe with it. I don't mean to sound condescending, but this could be a very dangerous piece of equipment in the wrong hands. I myself accidentally caught my eLiquid on fire, and I've been using a high-powered dual 18650 mod for months. It's not something beginners should play with, and it's really unnecessary for most vapers anyway. 

Fortunately, I actually know what I'm doing (sometimes) and I haven't blown up yet. I'm keeping it at more reasonable levels for the time being, until I get a bigger atty so I can fit the giant coils I'll need to raise the resistance. And by "reasonable levels" I mean eleventy-one, or 111W for the non-Tolkien fans among us,with a .8 ohm build 

So, look forward to a full review in a few days, I just wanted to share some preliminary thoughts about this monster before doing a full write up. 
02-01-2015 08:52 AM
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RE: Some thoughts on the God Mod
I'm looking forward to the review on this one Michael, thanks for the write up too.
02-01-2015 04:47 PM
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