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Some musings from an American MD
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Some musings from an American MD

Some quotes within... and as always, views expressed in these links are not necessarily those shared by this forum. He makes some good points, and some not so good.

Quote:in just one hour, more than twice as many Americans die from tobacco smoke than everyone who died from vaping-associated lung injuries thus far.

Quote:According to the CDC, it is likely that black market cannabis vaping materials, rather than legitimately sold and tested e-cigarettes, are the primary cause of the acute lung injuries that have tragically claimed the lives of 26 people so far. Yet it is the legitimately sold e-cigarettes that are now subject to local government bans across the country from New York to Massachusetts to California, potentially driving vapers to use far more deadly traditional cigarettes.

Quote:Juul even sent company representatives to schools and youth camps, sometimes without the teacher in the room, to promote vaping with enticing flavors like mango, mint, and cucumber.

Quote:Telling vapers to go back to smoking, or convincing smokers to keep smoking and not even give vaping a chance, causes great harm to society and must stop immediately. We should promote all ways possible to get smokers to quit or switch to less harmful methods of nicotine consumption.
20-10-2019 04:35 PM
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RE: Some musings from an American MD
I really doubt the bit about Juuls. Someone retailing the things just possibly, but Juul the company is far too vulnerable to do such things.

EU law doesn't allow the Juuls sold here to be any use as they do require 50 or so mg/ml nic salts to function well. EU law only allows a maximum of 25 mg/ml. I went to buy one to try in my local supermarket, but at over £30 for the device and one pod, and the pods at £10 for 4 (about 4ml) they were far too expensive for a device that cannot by law serve its intended function. That's about $39 and $13.
20-10-2019 04:40 PM
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