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Some advice please??
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Some advice please??
Hi Guy's so I am new to Vaping, and I have bought and aspire twist but I am wondering how to go after this to maybe upgrade, any idea's??
27-02-2014 06:13 PM
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RE: Some advice please??
Hi and welcome.

I'd look at something like a Vamo (Though it is pretty huge). Variable Wattage is very nice to have.

You'd obviously need some 18650 batteries (Get them from Torchy on eBay) and a good charger. The Xtar ones aren't expensive and are good. You can find out about most types of 18650 and charger at the links. The reviews by HKJ are particularly worthwhile - the screeds of data are useful, but you can skip to whether he recommends a battery or not.

As for an atomiser, I like the Taifun GT clone, but Fasttech are out of them just now and may, or may not get them in any time soon. It is one of the easiest atomisers to set up. Just don't overfill it or it will leak. The Pulse G clone from Fasttech is good and is worth a look. Like all Genesis type atomisers it will leak if it isn't upright.
27-02-2014 06:41 PM
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RE: Some advice please??
Right. You have a couple of options.

You can accept that you will end up using round li ion cells, and start gearing up from there, or you can try to stick to sealed cell units with their own chargers.

There's nothing wrong with option two, but if you have been looking around and have a bit of shinyitus, your probably unlikely to be happy.

At this junction, first, see what you like the look of and have a mooch through the how do you dip your wick thread.

If that thread scares the crap out of you, dont worry, your just likely to find clearomiser's more convenient for now.

Personally, I would look at picking up an xtar wp2 ii charger and four xtar battery spacers. You are now set to charge any vaping round cell. Research li ion safety if you dont already know about them even if you stick to sealed units its good to know as they can crap out on you.

Cells wise I much prefer 18650 cells for the capacity and output. Sticking to the buy once buy good philosophy, I would get some panasonic 18650 pf cells from ecolux shop on ebay, they also do samsung inr18650 15m cells which are awesome for silly sub ohm builds, the pfs will though go down to .6ohm when you decide to go for mechs and rebuildable atomisers.

To start with, I would get the charger, two cells and whichever 18650 variable voltage/wattage device takes your fancy. Most have s built in ohm checker which is convenient. I personally rate the vamos but there are other options like sids, zmaxs, vtr, inokin 134 depending how deep your pockets are.

I would also stay away from the nitecore intellicharger, I dont trust them as mine charged two cells electrocuted me and then blew up..... even if you get a good one, the charge rate is piss poor.

Let us know if all tjis scares the crap out of you and I'll scare up some links.

How mechanically apt are you? Do you own and know how to use a multimeter, knowing things like that will help us to steer you in the right direction with regards to which step to take next, I went onto rebuildable atomisers a month after starting vaping, whilst intimidating they are not impossible to build but some are easier to get going than others.

Best advice is to hunt fown todds reviews on youtube, watch quite a few of his rebuilding tutorials like cotton and micro coils and you'll be able to assess how capable you feel you are, dont be intimidated though, its really not all that hard, the worst bit is getting up the confidence to have a go.
27-02-2014 06:55 PM
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RE: Some advice please??
 You gotta go where your interests take you. maybe you wanna be a cloud chaser and hock huge clouds so get a dripper and a vamo or cheap mechanical mod...if your into flavor gennys or a kayfun clone.for a beginner you may not want to vape sub-ohm until you get building down,and an understanding of batteries and their limitations. If you want convinience and performance a KFL+ or a clone good vape almost idiot proof to build on,doesn't leak.Wherever you start you will learn something that will make your next step even better, and so on....for me there really hasn't been a wasted experince vaping (except for lousy juices and the acurssed rsst).
28-02-2014 12:55 AM
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