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Smoke detectors
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Smoke detectors
The Scottish Government has found a new way to spend other people's money. In February a new law got passed requiring interlinked smoke detectors in every home. With a minimum of 3-4 of the things.

Which would be all and worthy if they were going to pay for it. But of course that isn't the case. And if you don't fit them you can't sell the house and your house insurance will undoubtedly become invalid.

Wasn't that nice of the outfit who have damaged everything they've touched? It seems these must be (if hardwired) be fitted by an "electrician". This in no sense means a competent person, just someone who has paid for the "training". See for details of the Part P scheme.

You can have the alternative of wireless ones. But they are expensive and throwaway items once the (sealed and tamper proof) batteries fail. And must be interlinked so that if one triggers in error they all go off. Which will of course decrease battery life. And they will invariably be fitted with large Lipo cells which are not unknown for causing fires all by themselves.

Fortunately this doesn't come into force until 2021 but the insurance companies will be demanding it immediately at a cost of hundreds of pounds per household.

My contempt for the Scottish Government just grew more than I thought possible.
07-11-2019 03:53 PM
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RE: Smoke detectors
Hi Don - I agree entirely. There will be fires - every so-called electrician will be rubbing their hands in glee and the cheap ones who will be the ones most used will make things more dangerous than they are just now.
07-11-2019 05:23 PM
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