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Smok X Cube II Troubleshooting
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Smok X Cube II Troubleshooting
So I bought a cube II from misthub and I am greatly regretting purchasing from an online vendor. I have had no luck getting any advice on some issues I've been having. I have come to the forums to see if I can get any help here before I have to go through the long warranty exchange process with misthub. Also, I don't mean to offend anyone who might be very happy with misthub, I just have not had a great experience with them thus far.  Anyway, I'll get to my question. 

When I first received my mod and Tfv4 tank from misthub on Christmas eve, I immediately updated the firmware and it seemed to work fine.  The triple coil and quad coil both read in perfectly at .2 and .15 respectively.  However, I burned through the starter coils within a few days and ever since I have had issues with the ohms fluctuating a lot. I typically vape between 80-100w and I usually go through about 1-2 tanks per day. At this point, the triple coil will not read below .24 ohms.  Occasionally it randomly asks if I've put in a new coil and I'm forced to indicate yes, and then the ohms jump as high as 2.37. I then have to unscrew the tank and screw it back on multiple times before I get a low enough ohm read to vape.  It seems I have to tighten my tank on harder each time to get a lower read. By now I have a circular scratch that outlines the tank on the top of my mod. Today was the last straw for me when I put a fresh quad coil in and waited 5 minutes after filling the tank only to take my first drag of burnt cotton. I took the coil back out and discovered the coil had charred and was unusable. I replaced it with the old triple coil and spent the next several minutes screwing and unscrewing the tank until I could get a low enough read (.24).  I even had a quad coil burn out so bad that when I took it to a local shop, they said they had never seen a coil burn out so badly. I can't even count how many coils I've gone through at this point, but at this point it's been about 1 every 3 days. 

Can anyone please give me some advice or insight on how I can fix this myself? I will be happy to answer any questions to provide more clarity on my issue. I know my explanation is a bit long and drawn out, so I really appreciate any help at all. 

11-01-2016 05:00 AM
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RE: Smok X Cube II Troubleshooting
It's a shame you can't put the old firmware back on to compare.
All you can do is clean the 510 connection on the mod and atty, make sure tc isn't on and turn the power down. I can't remember if there is a reset all peramiters in the menu function, if there is, poke the bad boy. There's three 'power' settings toggle through those, see if it helps.

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11-01-2016 11:34 AM
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