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Singapore government to ban electronic cigarettes
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Singapore government to ban electronic cigarettes
The Singapore government is to introduce a ban on electronic cigarettes from 15 December 2015. This follows on from a ban on the import, sale and distribution of electronic cigarettes on 28 November 2014 leading many medical experts to question the reasoning behind this move. Singapore is not alone in attempting to introduce an outright ban on electronic cigarettes but it is the government’s unwillingness to even consider expert medical opinion which has caught the headlines.

It is extremely unlikely that the authorities will overturn the forthcoming legislation in the short term even though there are other issues to take into consideration.

Vaping market in Malaysia

While the import, sale and distribution of electronic cigarettes has been banned in Singapore since November 2014 many people acquire such products in neighbouring Malaysia and bring them home. The Malaysian vaping market is at this moment in time unregulated and is in some ways a reflection of the potential issues and problems going forward.

On one hand we have the Singapore authorities clamping down on vaping products while on the other we have Malaysia so far yet to introduce any regulations. Indeed the Malaysian vaping market was estimated to be worth around $639 million during 2014, a figure which is likely to have increased in recent times.

Going underground

If vaping products had been banned prior to the significant increase in usage seen in recent years then it would not even have been headline news. The vast majority of tobacco smokers would have been influenced by the tobacco companies, many would never have even heard of vaping products and they would not have given them a second thought. However, over the last decade or so we have seen a monumental increase in the popularity of vaping products.

The introduction of first and second generation products was well received but we’re now moving towards third and fourth generation which offer a whole different experience. Therefore, those governments around the world who refuse to regulate electronic cigarettes/vaping products and would rather ban them out right are playing a very dangerous game. The more they push vaping products way from the public shop window the more likely they are to go “underground”.

Underground free for all

As many expect, if we do see a number of bans around the world then vaping products would be pushed underground where there would be absolutely no regulations. Even if many of the safety conscious electronic cigarette companies were to operate in this manner there would be many more looking to make a quick buck. We have already seen governments fighting to maintain the safety of current legal products with the authorities confiscating substandard (and potentially dangerous) products on a regular basis.

Can you imagine the situation if this multi-billion-dollar industry was forced to go underground in some parts of the world? Can you imagine the increased danger from substandard products? That is before we even start to look at the potential lost opportunities in the area of reduced tobacco addiction. Surely it is better the devil you know with the introduction of vaping regulations as opposed to pushing them underground where the authorities would have no control?

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19-11-2015 04:11 PM
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