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Silica on a Genesis
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RE: Silica on a Genesis
Good call, Spas!  Yeah, man, the heavier wire can be a bugger to heat up in the first place.  Wrap it around a steel mesh and and you can get a cup of coffee while waiting for it to get hot enough to vape.

I certainly do wish that overwicking was a problem I have with my gennies.  I can never get the juice to them fast enough but I'm sure it's because most of my juice is far too thick to wick quick.  I can't wait until my Foggatti arrives so I can have a go at it.  

Glad you got yours sorted out, Don!  Gives me greater anticipation for mine. Big Grin
11-02-2014 03:02 PM
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Gomtu Offline
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RE: Silica on a Genesis
I've read a great many posts like this, people having such trouble with genesis built RBA's, and I've always been mystified at this. Perhaps I've been lucky, but I've always just built mine with 400 mesh and 26 kanthal coiled 5/4 wrap for .7 ohm and it's worked quite well for me. Very good vapor and flavor. I suppose something in the way others are building them could account for the problems, but without pictures or seeing the build being done it's quite hard to say. I've never used silica or cotton in my gennies, to me that would be building them as something they are not. Nor have I tried SS cable, not having seen the need for it. In my experience an SS mesh wick rolled tight from a 3 inch strip of 400 mesh has always worked great for me..
17-05-2014 11:49 AM
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RE: Silica on a Genesis
Ah, vaping in February of 2014. Man, have things changed.
25-10-2016 08:30 PM
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