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Should train companies bring in vaping carriages?
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Should train companies bring in vaping carriages?
There has been much criticism of train companies in the UK many of whom have issued blanket bans on the use of vaping products. There is a growing concern that this blanket ban will impact those considering a switch from tobacco products as opposed to those who actually use them at the moment. It is also worth noting that secondary smoking is not an issue with regards to electronic cigarettes, something which has been proven time and time again using medical research reports.

Is it time to bring in vaping carriages?

There has also been much talk of the social etiquette relating to vaping products and the fact that while many like to make “vaping clouds” it is possible to use these products discreetly. Supporters of the industry have been calling upon the train companies to take a softer approach to vaping products especially the insinuation that they can “easily be mistaken for tobacco cigarettes”. This latest claim has been discredited time and time again because these products look very different, act very differently and create a very different effect on the surrounding area.

So, might it be time for the train companies to consider introducing vaping carriages where those who use electronic cigarettes could do so in a controlled environment?

Mixing tobacco cigarettes with vaping products

The only similarity between tobacco cigarettes and their vaping counterparts is the central ingredient of nicotine. How many tobacco cigarettes do you know have a light at the end? Are there any tobacco products which result in you exhaling vapour?

While it is very easy to criticise the corporate entities that run an array of public services they are in a no-win situation in all honesty. They have to appease the broader spectrum of their customers, they have to take complaints seriously and it seems that many of the general public have complained about electronic cigarettes. In many ways this criticism is a result of misreporting across the wider media although corporate entities do need to take complaints seriously. So, is placing tobacco cigarettes and vaping products in the same pigeonhole the easy way out?

Waiting for the regulations

The fact is that no corporate entity, offering public or non-public services, is willing to go out on a limb to allow vaping products on their premises. This is why the introduction of a regulatory structure is required by all parties so that everybody knows where they stand. We can only hope that this regulatory structure, when it finally emerges, will take into account concerns regarding potential long-term medical health issues as well as the benefits of switching from tobacco products.

In many ways governments and regulators around the world are costing lives with their ill-advised delays in introducing regulations. Both the European regulatory bodies and the FDA are happy to leak information about possible draconian measures in the future but not so keen to put them in place as yet. We can only hope that this issue is resolved sooner rather than later and then the industry and consumers can adjust accordingly. Until then the industry is in limbo with many tobacco smokers scared to switch to vaping products.

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03-12-2015 06:11 PM
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RE: Should train companies bring in vaping carriages?
Here's a short reply from someone far from you. I suspect even if the public fully understood the differences, especially the health issue differences, it still wouldn't be allowed. Personally, I totally understand not wanting to sit next to someone who is exhaling huge clouds of anything that I can see, harmful or not. As for etiquette, unfortunately the masses will never all fall in line and act decently around non-vapers. It's just like how everyone knows how rude it is to blather away on a cell phone in public, but they do it anyway.

There's also the safety aspect. Like it or not, if misused these cells can easily be quite harmful. You get a cell to vent on a train car, and who knows how fast that fire would spread. I don't see vaping being allowed on any public transportation anytime soon, unless it's a separate car lumped in with the smokers. (Is it allowed that way already?)
03-12-2015 06:22 PM
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