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Pure Nicotine?
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RE: Pure Nicotine?
Pure nicotine is 980mg/ml. The toxicity estimates I've seen say a lethal dose of around 1.5g for a 70kg human. (154lbs 11 stone.) The stuff does have significant vapour pressure at room temperature. 1ml on the skin is (at best) going to make you very ill. The original medical literature on nicotine toxicity is worth a look if you want to find out how not to do it.

TVF tested battery info to be found here

[Image: 24291313393_16615b20b2_m.jpg]
07-05-2016 06:40 PM
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RE: Pure Nicotine?
  Not wanting to start an argument here, I may have overstated the skin thing a bit,  but allow me to clarify. I was looking at the big picture. Let's say some idiot was mixing with high nic, say 100 mg. He has to jump up and run to the get the door, or whatever. His toddler walks in, climbs up and grabs the nic bottle and dumps it all over himself, and of course he has to taste it, drink it, or just chew on the bottle. Or maybe some old man in poor health with a weak heart, accidentally dumps a whole bottle in his lap and because he is old and slow, takes a long time finding clothes and changing, and forgets to wash. Extreme cases, I know, but death is possible. I talked to my doctor just out of curiosity a while back and he said yes, under certain circumstances.

  The point I was trying to make is just to be careful, you don't know for sure what all it can do to you. A little too much nicotine makes me very sick, with some others they just get dizzy. I would much rather a person thinks it could kill them than think it's no big deal.

  And by pure, I meant just nicotine with nothing else added. I don't think you can get it like that anymore.

  Forgive me, I'm still mad over the FDA thing.
07-05-2016 09:15 PM
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