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People - SCutshall isn't a troll.
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People - SCutshall isn't a troll.
I'm putting this up here to very publicly vouch for this guy, and the struggles he's encountered since he started vaping.

In a personal phone call last night, he brought up the fact that he was worried he might be banned, because several well respected members here had PM'd him accusing him of being an anti-vape troll, making claims about medical problems from vaping (we all know the type).

He's not, and I am hoping that whatever little clout I have around here is enough to matter on this.  I've spent literally hours on the phone with this guy helping him try to figure out his issue, and answer other vaping related questions.  I would consider him a personal friend at this point and will undoubtedly meet with him in person the next time work takes me to Oregon or if he and his wife ever decide to visit Vegas.  His condition is real, we're working on figuring out the cause, and he's as pro-vaping as pro-vaping gets.  He's struggling and reaching out, and I'm really upset to hear that people here - in the most supportive vaping forum on the web - are deciding to call him down or suspect that he's lying.  He's trying to stick with vaping, spending hundreds of dollars on different gear and coil materials and juices to solve the issue in order to avoid going back to analogs.  This isn't where we should be alienating anyone.

He patently refused to name names or even imply who had sent these messages, but he said there were 4 of them and that 2 were very well established members, and that the word "ban" was mentioned if he kept posting about his issues.  His problem is real, he's looking to us for help, he's not lying, and if he's banned I'm outta here, because that's not how I thought this forum rolls.

Sorry to vent, but I wanted to take a stand here for a great guy that's trying to quit smoking and enjoy our wonderful hobby.  Thanks for reading.


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07-07-2017 08:26 PM
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RE: People - SCutshall isn't a troll.
I don't know who has accused him of being a troll, nor do I know who has threatened action. However, for the sake of not letting this get out of hand, I'm going to close the thread. This sounds pretty incendiary and could get acrimonious fairly quickly.

You've said your peace, and it's so noted. The thread will stand unless the forum ownership doesn't want it here.
07-07-2017 08:29 PM
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RE: People - SCutshall isn't a troll.
Thread is noted and appreciated AJ. I think I can safely say that no member of our staff would have made such accusations or threats.

If Scott would like to send me a copy of the PM(s) he received, I can promise that it will be dealt with very privately at a Senior Staff Only level.

If he's not willing to do that, then it's pretty much a case of he said-she said and the issue will go no further.

We do all we can and much more to ensure that nobody is treated unfairly here as far as this community operation is involved. The positive words you do have for this community are sincerely appreciated.
07-07-2017 11:37 PM
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