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Newb ? About my iStick 60W
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Newb ? About my iStick 60W
got the iStick 60W with melo 2 tank.  When I use the standard cantal 30-80w coil my flavor sucks and I often get nasty burnt hits especially if u turn the wattage up to anything over 15 but when I use the same juice with a nickel coil and turn the mod to temp control (usually around 500 degrees) it taste great!  What am I doing wrong?  I prime the coils before use also.  Only thing I can think of is that I damage the cantal coil and from not priming correctly the first time I used it or getting it wet with water, does that sound possible?  Anyways I bought a 5 pack of nickel coils and will use those for now.  What's the difference between cantal, nickel, titanium coils? Nickel seems to work the best for me and I don't know why anyone would use those other coils.
23-02-2016 02:50 AM
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RE: Newb ? About my iStick 60W
Your juice may be the culprit. What ratio vg/pg is it? I'd go 70/30 max for those coils

Don't forget to apply for the freecycle section!
23-02-2016 02:55 AM
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RE: Newb ? About my iStick 60W
Well kanthal has no protection against a dry hit using the Istick 60w. Your probnlem with the kanthal coils is that the melo 2 tank does not have the best kanthal coils. Thee are just better tanks out there for kanthal coils. Now nickel will detect when your coil is not wicking and pulse and prevent a dry hit. So will titanium but a lot of vapers are still wary of titanium. And it is hard to find titanium coils anyway. Wow, you are vaping at 500 degrees. That's pretty darn warm. Of course mike - the guy who just posted - and me generally vape RDAs at 100+ watts but it is unusual for a new vaper. You are well on your way to developing an addiction to bigger and better mods, lol. I see it coming.

My advice is go slow. Temp control is very popular with those vapers using tanks becuase the vape is smoother once you find your sweet spot. Using only nickel coils on your device is absolutely fine. I mean why get a temp control device and not use it with your tanks? Just makes good sense. 

[Image: Eqyojf3.jpg?1]
23-02-2016 04:27 AM
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