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New to building
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New to building
I've been vaping about 2 months.  Yesterday I finally decided to make the leap to an RDA. I went to my local shop in hopes of get the Plume Veil, (clone)but they was out. I ended up getting the mutilator. Only cause I was somewhat familiar with it from reviews and YouTube. So far I'm not very impressed with it. The heat fins make this thing hard to get a firm grip to adjust my airflow. It just spins in your fingers. The inner seems too tight for airflow adjustment as well. 

As stated above,  I'm new to building and vaping in general. So the electrical side of things is still unclear to me. My mod is a 50w Innokin Disrupter with the 3300 mAh. 20 amp max continuous output. With 0.02 resistance.  Been using the isub g.

I got my coil building toolkit. It's got all I need at the moment.  Ohms reader,  ceremic tweezers, 3 wrap sizes limited to 20, 25, 30 which I believe equates to 2mm, 2.6mm, and 3mm? Needle nose pliers etc.

I'm wanting to build mostly for flavor, but I like good clouds too, but who don't,  right?  For the moment I only have 6ft of 26 gauge. I'm honestly not even sure what kind it is. Bacon cotton, which is only type they had.

Last night I built a dual coil. I think with 11 wraps on the 20cw/2mm tool? I couldn't for the life of me get the coils to fire at the same time/rate. I played with it awhile.  Do the wire wraps need to be the exact length and go into the posts the same way?  ie: The loop coming from the top, or the bottom,  or does it matter.
 What about how far out the coil is off the posts?
How high, or deep, should the coils be?or same height as posts?
How much cotton is too much, or too little?  Should the cotton be tight,  or fluffy in the posts? 
Should the cotton be pressed towards the 
posts, or around the juice well walls? Or just draped down enough from coils to just touch the bottom of well?
Should the coils be in the cotton, or above it? 

Understanding resistance, gauges, ohms, and wrap size.

What Guage is designed for what?  Is it typical that smaller suits flavor, or cloud production, or vice versa? Or just preference 

How about number of wraps and size of loops?  Preference?
And how the heck do I have a general idea of what's in the safe zone of my builds?

Are home builds in the same ohm/watts range as prebuilt coils?  Like a .5 only good for 20-35 watt range? 

My build ended up being 0.53 but I feel like I taste cotton. I need to get coils firing evenly and make sure I'm not using too much cotton.

I know is a lot of questions.  And I do read about this stuff,  but I wanted to ask specifics. Thanks in advance
02-04-2016 12:05 AM
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RE: New to building
With regard to the coils not firing, or heating up at the same rate, you will need to make sure that your coils are the same length, identical wraps, legs the same length, in fact both coils need to mirror each other. I use 28g Kanthal with plus or minus 8 wraps. I'm a relative newbie myself but I do understand elec trickery. To start with Id make a coil then test it on a multimeter, then the same with the second one. They should both read the same resistance. You could try putting in one coil and then test it on your ohms meter, note the reading and then put the second coil in and re check the reading. It should be half the resistance of the first reading. If not then you probably have more wraps on one than the other or the legs are different lengths. I would suggest that you check out coil building on YouTube, there are lots of great videos that will help, also with wicking. Hope this helps in part and welcome to the forum.
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11-04-2016 02:45 PM
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RE: New to building
Welcome aboard. There is a whole lot to learn about coils and coil building. Have a read over this...
11-04-2016 03:14 PM
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