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NJoy E Cigarettes And E Liquids Reviews
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NJoy E Cigarettes And E Liquids Reviews
NJoy E Cigarettes And E Liquids Reviews

NJoy E Cigarette Reviews

I received quite a few goodies from NJoy this week. I got 3 disposable cigalikes simply called "Daily", 3 prefilled tanks and battery from their "Convenience" line and from their "Custom" line I received the Artist Collection". For those of you who haven't heard of NJoy, they have been in the e-cig game for a really long time and surprisingly, one of the only cigalike manufacturers who is not tied to any big tobacco companies. 

NJoy Daily Disposable E Cigarette Reviews

NJoy Daily is a balance between of satisfaction, flavor and authenticity. It feels like a real cig in your hands, has a almost identical mouth, throat and lung hit and within just a few puffs, you are sitting it down NJoy that finally someone and basically perfected a cigalike. Surprisingly, unlike nearly all other manufacturers of this syle e-cigs, they have no ties to any tobacco companies either. 

NJoy Daily Blue+Blackberry Review

This thing has amazing and dead on accurate flavor, and vapor production is very high considering it's a cigalike. This is, in my opinion, perfect for fruit lovers and those trying to quit cigarettes.

9.4 Of 10 Rating

NJoy Daily Cool Menthol E-Cigarette Review

Cool, crisp, refreshing and very satisfying. Remember, this is coming from a former menthol smoker and current vaper who hates menthol vapes usually. I would compare it to a Kool 100s cigarette, without all those chemicals that taste like poo and make you smell even worse. Highly recommend for menthol smokers looking to kick those stinkies. 

9.8 Of 10 Rating

NJoy Daily Rich Tobacco E-Cigarette Review

This is a amazing one, just like the other two. Tastes like a Kamel Red to me, without the chemicals. I usually do not like tobacco vapes but this one was really good. I highly recommend this to those kicking nasty cigarette habits.

9.8 Of 10 Rating

As I stated, these are disposable cigarette looking e-cigs, but they vape much like a cigarette and less like a more advanced unit. They have the same draw, strength and satisfaction level as well. These are perfect for beginners, but for a advanced vaper, I think they just fall short.

NJoy Convenience Vaping E Cigarette Reviews

The new Pre-filled Tank & Battery System gives you all the benefits of vaping with more simplicity and convenience than you could imagine. It is basically a pre-filled CE4 style tank that holds 3ml of liquid and houses what they call a New Advanced Atomizer Design, which delivers more vapor and flavor than most CE4 style tanks with no more refilling. Just vape away, and when it's empty, toss the tank in the trash. It does this by using a 100% organic cotton wick and less restrictive airflow design. Trust me, I despise this tank style as it makes me feel like I am trying to suck a bowling ball through a coffee stir straw, but these hang with tanks such as the eGo ONE in airflow and vapor product. There is also the Pre-Filled Tank Battery which has a 1000mAh capacity, a micro USB charger and 510 thread. It actually came fully charged! 

NJoy Convenience Vaping Pre-Filled Blue+Blackberry Tank Review

Wow this is a tasty vape! This is a perfect reproduction of blueberry undertones of blackberry on inhale only to reverse on exhale. Superbly fruity with very good vapor production being a CE4. This is for more mouth to lung vapers who want the advantages of organic cotton and what I suspect to be high quality Nichrome 80 coils. It is refreshing as well as satisfying. Flavors like this is why I quit using tobacco vapes in the first place. 

8.3 Of 10 Rating

NJoy Convenience Vaping Pre-Filled Vanilla Bean Tank Review

While I love vanilla bean ice cream, this vape is just too much for me. It is exactly accurate as I was hoping, but it isn't what I like. It is a perfect blend of vapor, flavor strength and accuracy, but not like the ice cream. I do recommend to vanilla fans though.

8.2 Of 10 Rating

NJoy Convenience Vaping Pre-Filled Peach Tea Review

Oh yea, this is AWESOME. A true southern peach tea. All that is missing is the mason jar full of ice to drink it from. I can see sitting on the porch swing on a hot summer day vaping this. Cannot say enough good about it! 

9.9 of 10 Rating 

I should mention that these things, on the battery I was sent with them, are very long. About 10 inches. But, for the tank design and the fact they are about 1 ohm, they are pretty amazing. While I won't be trading in my Playboy vixen subohm tank and mechanical mod for these, they would be great for beginners and those just starting to upgrade who don't like the idea of refilling and swapping coils.

NJoy Artist Collection E-Liquids Reviews

Welcome to the Artist Collection! These are a group of liquids created by some of the top e liquid artists in the world, created just for NJoy. The roster includes Jeremy of Good Life Vapor, Daniel of Vaporz, Randy of P.O.E.T., George of Mr Goodvape and Anne-Claire of Vapenaute. This gathering of masterful and sophisticated taste sensations can only be described as perfected flavor pairings that can only be gotten by pushing the limits of experimental flavor indulgences. One taste and you will see why these artisan craft mixers are coveted as the best in the world. These will never be sold where you can buy anything tobacco so do not expect to see them in the neighborhood tobacco shop turned partially vape shop or the corner gas station. 

NJoy Artist Collection Samba Sun E Liquid Review

This one is created by Jeremy of Good Life Vapor and will have you dancing Samba in the Sun all day. It is a very refreshing fruity vape. Smooth and mellow with the flavors being at the perfect strength. Vapor production is AMAZING to say the least. As you would expect from liquid created by Jeremy of Good Life Vapor, it really lasts! The clemetine and marshmallow is more noticeable on inhale with the peach and apricot making an appearance on exhale. This is a perfect liquid, no other way to put it. Recommended to all fruit lovers as a All Day Vape for sure?

10 Of 10 Rating

NJoy Artist Collection Para Mour E Liquid Review

Daniel of Flavorz has created a excellent liquid for NJoy. I also like the name. Paramour is a secret lover, derived from Para Amour which is French for passionately with desire, but, one taste of this and this love might not be a secret for long. You will crave it however, passionately with desire. Not all the advertised flavors are detectable by my palette consistently though. I can pick up a hint of the peach with overtones of smooth vanilla and custard, but only taste the pear and cinnamon every now and then making for a mysterious vape. I kinda think that was his goal. Like a hug of sunshine on a cool breezy spring morning, this vape will remind you of springtime back home as a child. (At least it did me). As you may know from most of my reviews, it is a rare occasion when a vape makes me reminiscent, but this one does. Vapor production and longevity is amazing as well. Recommended to all custard and vanilla fans as these are the most dominant flavors.

10 Of 10 Rating

NJoy Artist Collection Sacré Coeur E Liquid Review 

Created by Anne-Claire of Vapenaute, it will live up to its name and become sacred to your heart. It's robust yet delicate, complex yet simple. This is possibly the purest possible expression of vaping pleasure. On inhale you pick up the nuttiness of the Almond Torte with just a tiny hint of Rhubarb. On exhale I detect a hearty amount of European Custard with just a tad of Wild Berry Bourbon. The wildberry and rhubarb isn't present in every puff either, and sometimes you have to search them out, Or just kick back and enjoy the flavor melody as it plays its hypnotic tune for your taste buds. If it wasn't for the nicotine grabbing me after a while, I would have vaped my 4.5ml tank dry quite quickly. I cannot recommend this highly enough to all vapors as it is plain amazing.

10 Of 10 Rating

NJoy Artist Collection Dragon Scape E Liquid Review

Made by Randy of P.O.E.T. this paints a nice Dragon Scape. On inhale has a custardy creamy Belgium coffee and maybe just a bit of vanilla? Exhale is more of a asian tea and something else, I am guessing it's the Indian spice. This all makes for a trult unique expression of flavor. I found this to be best as a morning vape to be used with your morning French vanilla Starbucks coffee. 

7.9 Of 10 Rating 

NJoy Artist Collection Hedon's Bite E Liquid Review

George of Mr Goodvape has mastered the perfect balance of sweet, sour and tart creating a crisp green apple coated in old fashioned caramel. The exhale is finished with ripe melon and sweet pink apple. This one is juicy, fresh tasting and dang near irresistible. This would definitely leave me with a heavy weight of happiness from it's pleasure as it's name suggests, but whether it was expresso, hot cocoa or lemonade, it left a weird taste in my mouth with anything I drank. I do recommend it to all those highly adventurous.

7.6 Of 10 Rating

So there you have it. NJoy, one of the first in the game, and possibly one of the most most known, are shaking things up with these new product lines. None of them were truly awful, and yes some got tiring pretty quick, but they all were awesome none the less. As always, God bless and happy vaping y'all! 
22-11-2015 12:30 AM
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