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N00b Power question
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N00b Power question
OK, the engineer in me started thinking.  Please educate me on where I am wrong here.

The heat at the coil is developed by Watts (power).  My mods are power controlled so I set the watts.

Batteries exist on Amps (current) and have x amps/hour before they are empty.

More Ohms = less amps

Wouldn't it be better to use thinner wire with more resistance taking in to account and adjusting AWG to provide enough surface area while running at higher ohms to produce the same effect while draining the batteries more slowly?

I do understand the trend to use sub-ohm coils to get more surface area, but if a suitable wire can be found wouldn't it be better to run sufficient wraps at a higher resistance to reduce battery drain and minimize heat generation at the battery? 40 watts at 2 ohms and 40 watts at .2 ohms are the same assuming surface area and thermal transfer will be similar.

Teach me, I want to learn. 
18-11-2016 11:53 PM
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RE: N00b Power question
Your understanding is perfectly sound, however the practice isn't as black and white as math is. It doesn't account for personal taste, nor an does it describe how ramp up affects flavour, how much vapour your comfortable with and many other nuances that are personal preference.

Ramp up of thin wire is such that set too high it actually burns the juice. Of course how you vape determines the extent of that effect.

As you refer to a 'suitable wire' there's thermal efficiency to contend with.. thin wire reaches melting point much faster than thicker, no matter the material. At 40w 2ohm you'll be getting critical coil temperature almost instantly, turn it down and you lose the vapour production. 
Your also missing the vital V calculation, at 2 ohm 40w that's nearly 9v, a .2 is less than 3v

I could bang on about wire for a long time but imo the only way to really know is to experience it first hand. Grab yourself a good selection and give them a try Smile

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19-11-2016 12:12 AM
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