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My Testimony to E-Cigs
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RE: My Testimony to E-Cigs
As I said in my introduction, Vaping Newbie, vaping has really grabbed my interest and attention. I have already dropped cigarettes from my list of likes (as indicated in my signature). I can really relate to Galaxyrider's original post. With a few changes in years and how I was introduced to real vaping, I almost feel like he was writing about me. And yes, smell is the first sense to start to recover. My wife still smokes and I have to be somewhat polite on that issue.

[Edited] Oh yeah, I have tried any support groups, but then, I guess that is what TVF is all about support, education and a sense of belonging to a community
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07-09-2015 11:40 PM
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PoleCat Offline

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RE: My Testimony to E-Cigs
Awesome story.  Very inspiring.  

Mine is similar, but different.... but aren't we all???

Thanks Galaxyrider for sharing.  
08-09-2015 07:02 PM
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RE: My Testimony to E-Cigs
I'm new to this forum. I've been hookah for a long time and am trying to decide which box mod to buy. I've been online looking for the last two days. I can't wait to get started though!!
14-08-2017 01:01 PM
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RE: My Testimony to E-Cigs
That's the spirit... 
19-07-2018 10:15 AM
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RE: My Testimony to E-Cigs
(22-05-2014 11:57 AM)Galaxyrider Wrote:  Not so very long ago, I would wake up to violent coughing, an aching chest (from coughing) and of course that undeniable craving for a cigarette… Which I knew all too well was the very source of the coughing. I’m a 50 year smoker, burning 2+ packs a day. I LOVED TO SMOKE.  I’ve tried the patch, I’ve tried gum, pills, this, that, support groups, you name it, all, to no avail. I tried an e cig, I had no clue as to what to use, so I just chose one. (yes, it was a cheap one) It looked like a cigarette, and, it tasted nothing like a cigarette, it gave me none of the satisfaction, and it was heavy. Later that day, it went out the window just before I pulled into a store to buy another pack of cigarettes. A few weeks later, I was urged to try a specific brand of e cig. (Blu) and it honestly wasn’t much better, but it was quite a bit more expensive. That lasted me several days before I put it down as well. It didn’t taste good, and it made me cough even more than a cigarette did.
A few weeks later, a friend at church told me that she was having very good luck in her effort to quit smoking with an e cigarette, and she showed it to me.
This thing looked nothing like a cigarette, it had a long battery, with a push button on the side. It had what appeared to be a small tank at the top, containing a liquid, and a mouthpiece. She told me to press the button and take a puff from it just as I would a cigarette. When I did, I was delighted to have a nice cappicino taste left in my mouth.
I was really impressed. The following day,  I went to my cigarette store and instead of a pack of cigarettes, I bought an e-cig, like my friend at church had. When I purchased it, I was told that I would also have to get a bottle of liquid to go in it. There were a lot of flavors in their inventory, and several different nicotine strengths. The clerk was very helpful in helping me pick out what I needed, suggesting a Mango flavor after she and I had talked about flavors alternative to tobacco flavors. She also knew that I was a very heavy smoker, so she suggested the liquid with the highest concentration of nicotine. (2.4 mg) I noticed that these flavors came in strengths from 2.4 mg, down to, and including 0 mg. To me, this seemed a much more workable method than any of the others.

I gave the clerk my credit card, and was charged about $50.00 which paid for the E-Cig, battery and tank… A USB charging cable, and a bottle of Mango flavored liquid to put in the tank. That was slightly more than I would have paid for a carton of my regular brand of cigarettes. I went to my car, and filled the tank with liquid, screwed the tank onto the battery, and took my first puff. WOW! This tasted great, I used it for the remainder of the day. By the end of the first hour, I had no desire for another “Real Cigarette”. That bottle lasted me for a little more than 2 weeks.
This is truly inspiring! Thank you Galaxyrider for sharing your testimony. I hope the admin will let us share your story and also if you allow us to do so. This is truly remarkable!
19-07-2018 01:07 PM
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