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More Atties and Mods
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Oh, where have I gone off to...

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More Atties and Mods
Once I got bit by the RBA bug, I was hooked. My next purchase was only about a week later, when I bought a copper TOBH Atty RDA. The TOBH was my go-to for dripping and driving (a very bad idea, by the way) because it is much easier to drip with than the Patriot. The reason for this is the cap, which is divided into two sections so you can remove the top cap while leaving the sides on, which makes it easier to drip without spilling everywhere. The TOBH also has adjustable airflow, but that's not a big deal for me since I just leave it wide open anyway. 

The copper TOBH went on my copper Vanilla mod, of course, so I have a sexy all-copper mod/atty combo that looks stunning. I even got a copper wide bore drip tip for it. 

I went through a lot of juices at this time, but my favorite by far is Mythos Vapor's Hades, a cinnamon and mint mix. It's high VG so it produces great clouds, and it has exactly 0% PG so it's very smooth with hardly any throat hit (and I don't like a lot of throat hit anyway). Another favorite juice is Black Pearl by Vintage Vapors, which is a caramel apple 98% VG juice. I started building my coils at lower resistances, and I started trying to call myself a cloud chaser. Of course, I had no idea what all went into cloud chasing, since there's a lot more behind the scenes technical stuff than most people realize. Cloud chasers are artists and scientists, and it takes a lot of effort and fine-tuning to get the giant clouds. I didn't know it at the time, I was just happy to have a big puff of vapor hanging over my head all the time. 

Somewhere along the line, I got introduced to parallel coils. For anyone who doesn't know, parallel coils are freakin' awesome. Basically, you wrap two wires next to each other to make one coil in which the two wires run parallel to each other through the whole coil. It allows you to have more surface area with less resistance, so you get more vapor while your batteries can push more power through the coils. These days, I almost exclusively use parallel coils, since I like the flavor they produce while making great amounts of vapor. Of course, since they run at lower resistances I have to be careful to be safe with it, since I really like my face and don't want to blow it off. 

About two weeks after I got the TOBH, I took a business trip about 5 hours away from home and stayed in a motel for a week. During that time, I had two days off while I was still in the motel with nothing to do, so I drove to the nearest big city (about an hour away) and spent the entire two days just hanging out in vape shops. There was one shop in particular whose website said they carried the Mutation X. I had been looking for a Mutation X for a few days since I had seen a review and it looked awesome. So I checked out the shop, bought my new RDA, and got a Caravela mod to go with it. The shop had great prices, so I was able to afford pretty much anything I wanted there. I built it in the shop that day and just talked to the guy who ran the place, and I found out that he hadn't been vaping very long. So I was able to help him learn a bit from the research I had done, and he even asked me for suggestions about items to carry, since they want to carry things that vapers want, and since I had been vaping for quite a while and had visited a lot of shops I had a good idea what people might be interested in. It was a lot of fun, and I went back the next day to hang out again. When I went back, I decided to buy the Veritas, since I had seen a RiP Trippers review in which he said that it has the best flavor of any RDA he had tried. Once I got it built, I knew he was right. The Veritas is a great atty with great flavor. 

So all in all, I've gained one mod and three RDAs in one post, bringing my total to 3 mods, 6 RDAs, 1 Kayfun, plus the MVP/Protank combo, and a partridge in a pear tree. The things in this post happened about three weeks ago, so we're almost caught up with real life. 
12-10-2014 03:47 AM
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