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Magnetic Switch Doesn't Work?
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Magnetic Switch Doesn't Work?
Hey I'm new so sorry if I posted on the wrong forum for this but I have an issue with my mod and I was looking for some help.

I bought a Magnetic Switch Victoria Bamboo style mech mod a while back and for the time I've had it, it has worked fantastically. But today my battery ran out so I went to switch to a fresh one, and when I put it in, it wouldn't fire. So naturally I adjusted the pins on my 510 connector to my RDA and kept trying it. Then I noticed that even while not firing my mod started to heat up, I checked the button and instead of the magnet pushing away it switched polarity and now was attracting to the magnet inside the tube. I took it out, and flipped it around and it attracts on the other side too. So now both sides of my magnet attract to the other and it no longer fires. Also, the battery I was using is completely dead and will not charge now.

Does anyone know what could have happened and any way to fix this without having to order new magnets that will fit my mod?
27-02-2015 12:53 AM
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RE: Magnetic Switch Doesn't Work?
Reveresed magnets can occur if your build was too low. Not sure if a low battery can cause it. I have seen it a few times. Only fix I know of is to replace the magnets

[Image: 1379125800_10_1_USD_5_dark.png]
27-02-2015 04:40 AM
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RE: Magnetic Switch Doesn't Work?
Welcome to TVF PrinceMC, 

Wow that could have been nasty, glad to know you're okay which is the important thing! sucks about your mod and the cell though.

Seems like it auto fired on you since the magnets were attracting when you put it back together, and it may well be that they got too hot and have lost thier magnetism.. have you checked them both ways to see if they repel ? (unlikely they will now)

If they no longer repel, as Madecov said.. looks like you'll need new magnets, or maybe you can find a spring that will work for now as a temporary solution ?

Regarding the dead cell, I would throw it and chalk it up to experience.. there are possible ways of bringing it back but it's likely seriously damaged if it was flattened with a direct short. I wouldn't trust it now tbh.

Hopefully you manage to get something sorted and can keep on vaping. Best of luck mate Good
27-02-2015 08:44 AM
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RE: Magnetic Switch Doesn't Work?
I'd guess the magnets (or at least one of them) has been cooked. Sounds like one of them has retained some of its magnetism but you'd be best to replace both. They should only be about a dollar or two for a pair. I'm afraid the cell is almost certainly ruined and I'd not even try to charge it as it might fail dramatically. The cylindrical/disk magnets are very small, less than 1/4" it seems. I'd contact angelicas and see if they have spares.
27-02-2015 09:53 AM
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