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Lemo Drop Rebuildable Tank Atomizer
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RE: Lemo Drop Rebuildable Tank Atomizer
(19-11-2014 11:45 AM)Galaxyrider Wrote:  
(07-11-2014 08:55 PM)JohnnyMac Wrote:  That looks really nice indeed!  We need a review of that sucker! *hint* *hint* Big Grin

I just dug up some pics form a build review of the Lemo.  All I can say is WOW!  This thing looks fantastic!  A Kayfun on steroids and with huge airflow.  Check out the deck on this critter...

[Image: sidebysidedecks_zpsfe120054.jpg]
Lemo on the left and Kayfun clone on the right.

[Image: sidebyside_zps43c9e146.jpg]
Check out the huge juice channels compared to the juice scratches in the Kayfun (and every Kayfun I've seen and regret owning).

Needless to say I really want to try one of these.
I've seen a lot of people say a lot of positive things about the Lemo.. and, granted, seeing the pics, it must have a massive air flow, I know pictures never tell the whole story, what am I missing, the Lemo kinda strikes me as a Kay Fun on steroids.. but, I dont want to miss something good either.
The Orchid has 4 juice passages, 2 coils, 2 air flows, and its a bit bigger than the Kay Fun, I think it holds 5-6 Mls. Please don't take me wrong, I'm not trying to be rude, I hope you know I have more respect for you than that. I'm honestly curious. Have you tried an Orchid yet? That was what won me over. I saw it, used it, and had to have it.
I haven't tried an Orchid and for sure I'm not saying that it's not every bit as good as the Lemo/Lemo Drop. I do plan on getting one soon. I'm simply saying that the Lemo is amazing and so far it's everything I've ever looked for in a RTA. Airflow is killer, zero leaking and super easy to wick. I've heard people compare the Orchid and the Squape Reloaded and say they are close. I have a Squape R and it just can't compete with the Lemo. I can only take the SR to 14W-15W before it can't keep up wicking wise. The Lemo takes a full 30W on two different devices and doesn't bat an eye. Chain vaped lung hits until the tip is too hot for my lips and no sign of a dry hit anywhere. I had to switch tips to a POM tip to save my lips. LOL. Massive clouds, lots of's the closest I've come to dripping with an RTA. Simply amazing.

If the Orchid is that good then I will definitely have to get one but I've already planned on getting one anyway. Wink
19-11-2014 02:06 PM
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