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Kayfun V5 - Couple Questions...
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Kayfun V5 - Couple Questions...
I don't think this is specific to my Kayfun V5 but more generalized (but who knows)...

1. Since I built a new coil and wicked it more lightly I've been getting very good flavor however after a refill earlier today the flavor has fallen off and is occasionally great and occasionally not. I've noticed when drawing on it during an inhalation, just upon pulling it from my mouth, that if I see vapor come out of the drip tip and air intakes I get great flavor and when I see none, the flavor is not so good.
Any ideas? Is that evidence of still too much wicking?

2. This latest coil I built read as a solid 1.9 ohms however after today's refill I went to adjust my air intake (accomplished on the V5 by popping up a metal ring, finding your desired intake volume, and snapping the ring back down) and my Alien read the ohms at zero. I unscrewed the tank a couple turns, retightened it, popped the fire switch and selected New Coil and it read at 2.1 ohms. I did this two more times with both readings at 2.1 ohms.
In bewilderment I then completely tightened the juice flow to closed (on the V5, done by turning the glass tank) and then reopened it... it must have inadvertently unscrewed the tank from the mod by a few threads on the 510 because I got a zero reading for ohms. I then pressed the fire button on the Alien and selected New Coil and voila, it read at 1.9 ohms again.
Experiment Time... with juice flow remaining open, I unscrewed and screwed back down the V5 and reset for New Coil, 2.1 ohms... I then closed and reopened the juice flow and reset for New Coil, 1.9 ohms.

Any ideas? All that comes to mind is -again- wicking and flooding the deck's reservoir and/or something to do with my coil ends, where I snipped them, flooded (juice intakes open) versus not flooded (juice intakes closed).
But I truly don't know and am unsure.

Can anyone offer suggestions to both of these conundrums?
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28-05-2017 06:45 AM
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RE: Kayfun V5 - Couple Questions...
It does sound like your wicking can't keep up with demand tbh. 
Resistance can fluctuate, a difference of. 03 would be quite normal for a sensitive mod. As long as all the screws are tight it's good to go Ok

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28-05-2017 10:32 AM
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