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Kangertech / Making own liquid issues?
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RE: Kangertech / Making own liquid issues?
I've used Classikool VG and PG and had no issues with those. Is the nicotine clear or does it smell peppery?

It is often a faint amber to a bright pink colour. Some just smells awful and will spoil any juice it is used in.

I'd try mixing at 50:50 PG : VG as most things can handle that with no trouble.

Very high VG juice can be a bit tasteless in some devices though it works well in high wattage drippers.

TVF tested battery info to be found here

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05-04-2016 07:41 PM
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RE: Kangertech / Making own liquid issues?
A couple thing I'll add... First off, are you familiar with vaper's tongue? It's a phenomenon where you actually lose the ability to taste some juices. I have had this happen, as well as my wife, and plenty of others. Juices, especially ones you vape quite often, suddenly lose all their potency and you seem to be vaping nothing but the bland PG or VG. It's odd. My wife's lasted for a good week, mine about 3 days. So my first suggestion is, try some different juice. Even if you buy a small sample bottle from a local shop. You may simply be 'used' to the flavors you use, and need a change.

Secondly, I know you prefer not to build coils on an RDA, but there's just no question that you will get the most flavor from one. I was in your position once, and felt I would never need to even try dripping. But once I did, I never went back to a tank. Aside from that, they're often cheaper because you provide the coil and wicking, which (like your DIY juice), you buy in bulk cheaper. And coils last a very long time; it's the cotton that kills the coils. So maybe give that a bit more consideration.

Thirdly, and I speak from experience having made many bottles of my own juice, don't assume that the blend you make will be the same as one made by a retailer. Professional juice makers add many subtle nuances to their juices, and are almost always more than just a concentrate and some PG/VG. So your blackjack is probably not the same.

And don't discount the value of steeping! Especially with my DIY's they benefit GREATLY from at minimum a month, usually much more shelf time.
05-04-2016 08:00 PM
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RE: Kangertech / Making own liquid issues?
Drink.  More.  Water.

Remind one liberal per day, that laws affect only the law-abiding.
06-04-2016 01:01 AM
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