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Just bought new mech mod (First one)
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Just bought new mech mod (First one)
Hey guys i use to vape casually back in the day so i went and bought Nemesis clone and Nimbus V5 and have no clue about Ohms and watts... I mean i know a little but have no clue where to start to understanding. Anyways this is what i bought (take note that the battery is different the guy told me he changed it to a Sony vtc4) i asked him about it ohms and stuff and he replied to me with this (I built you atty coils to .60 ohms. If the atty coils are built wrong it will shut from firing but won't affect the battery. You just have to rebuild new coils with the right ohms) Now i would really like some advice on how to run this device safetly cause as it stands i have no clue at all Lol. Thanks guys!
29-09-2014 09:47 PM
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RE: Just bought new mech mod (First one)
Rebuildables can be difficult to start, but once you get the hang of it you'll have a lot of fun and it's easy. I would suggest looking up videos on YouTube for how to build a coil, since that's the most basic part of rebuilding atties. You'll probably want to try different resistances to find out what you like, but you absolutely definitely need an ohm reader or equivalent electrical equipment to measure resistance. Lower resistance means more vapor, but can be hotter, less flavorful, more dangerous, depending on the way you do it. So you need to find a happy medium for yourself. Others will chime in more about safety precautions for sure, but this is just the basics from my experience. 
29-09-2014 11:39 PM
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RE: Just bought new mech mod (First one)
Your batteries and your mod are great ones. Still I wouldn't suggest going below one ohm (also called sub-ohm vaping) until you are much more familiar with rebuildables.

Do you have a Multi-meter or another way of testing the ohms? If you have a multi-meter I can talk you through using it to test the coil. The basics are just setting it to ohm and touching one lead to the post/center pin of the atty and the other to the part that screws into the mod. You also need to test how many ohms your meter is showing all by itself. So touch the two leads together to measure that. Subtract that number from the number you got when measuring the atty and it will tell you how many ohms that coil is. This will also tell you if you have a short.

If you don't have a meter or any other way to test you should really look it over good to make sure that nothing can be touching to short it out. That is where it gets dangerous at. A short is going to keep the battery firing until something gives. Most of the time it's just the coil, other times the spring will melt. I have done that more than once. But if neither of those two things happen then the battery is going to take the hit and you do not want that to happen.

What I would do is visually inspect the coil and it's position checking to make sure that it can't short. Then hit it just for a second to make sure it fires correctly. After that put the atty together and do the same thing. Just hit it briefly to make sure that it's vaping. If it's not vaping and instead the mod itself is heating up you have a short. Not good, not the end of the world either. Keep trying to vape it when it's getting hot instead of producing vapor and something will go out on you.

When you get into building your own coils and I strongly suggest you do because it's a big money saver and also fun and leads to a better vape, you will want to do the same thing. Check it with a meter or make double sure that nothing is touching that shouldn't be. Then put it together and give it a short test vape. Just a puff.

Hope this helps.

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30-09-2014 05:19 AM
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