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Is the media turning more positive towards electronic cigarettes?
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Is the media turning more positive towards electronic cigarettes?
Prior to the last few weeks you would have struggled to find any really positive articles about electronic cigarettes in the mass media, with a suspicion that those with a vested interest against electronic cigarettes were using their financial clout and influence to muddy the water. However, the situation seems to be changing with an array of more positive comment and articles appearing in the worldwide press.

Many believe that we are approaching a crossroads for the electronic cigarette industry which is now a serious threat to the tobacco sector. It will be interesting to see whether this change of opinion across the worldwide media is influenced in any way by outside parties who are perhaps looking to enter the electronic cigarette market as opposed to fighting against it?

Does this weaken political criticism?

In conjunction with the negative press comment of years and months gone by, the political establishment around the world has also been very critical of the industry. While politicians and governments obviously have a requirement to look after the health of the general public, did they overstep the market with their criticism of the sector?

Looking back, many of the comments, rumours and suspicions aired by politicians about the electronic cigarette industry have proven to be unfounded. There were two specific areas which seemed to come under intense attack which included the accusation that electronic cigarettes somehow "glamorise" smoking and electronic cigarettes were a "gateway to tobacco cigarettes". A recent survey suggested that very few electronic cigarette smokers could name any celebrities who used the devices and the "gateway to tobacco cigarettes" argument has been blown out of the water time and time again.

Are the regulators taking over?

European and US regulators have introduced very different guidelines in the short to medium term and, while these could have been far more restrictive, there are concerns about the medium to long-term implications. Indeed there also appear to be a number of behind closed doors concessions being given to the regulators amid concern that politicians are taking the lead and seem determined to regulate tobacco cigarettes and electronic cigarettes in the same light.

The regulatory situation still has some way to run, there is confusion about the long-term goals of the European regulators and the FDA, but the industry is still fighting back. Despite the fact that "things could have been worse" in the short-term, vaping fans around the world have not given up the fight and continue to push for greater exposure for the industry and a fairer regulatory playing field.

Is the public finally warming to electronic cigarettes?

Despite the fact that even the most ardent of critics admit that electronic cigarettes are at worst "less harmful" than their tobacco cigarette counterparts, the general public have been fed a diet of rumours, speculation and untruths. However, of late the argument now seems to be more balanced and there is a feeling that the public are finally warming to electronic cigarettes and vaping devices in general.

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22-05-2014 07:53 AM
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