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Is the US media ignoring electronic cigarettes?
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Is the US media ignoring electronic cigarettes?
A recent report in the Huffington Post has cast a very interesting light upon the electronic cigarette market which does not appear to get the recognition that many had hoped. The article in question looked at why tobacco cigarette use in the US is at record lows and set to fall further – discussing a number of contributing factors although bizarrely there was no mention of electronic cigarettes. This is not the first time that the mass media have looked to "rewrite the history of vaping" but it does prompt some very worrying questions.

Why is tobacco cigarette use at record lows?

There is no doubt that prevention efforts, anti-smoking laws, tax rises, medical data and the banning of cigarettes on TV and in movies has had an impact, but is this the full story? Even the most ardent of critics recognise that electronic cigarette use has in recent years had a major impact upon tobacco cigarette sales and continues to do so. That is not to say that electronic cigarettes are the be all and end all reason for the fall in tobacco cigarette usage but they are certainly having an ever greater impact.

When you also bear in mind that the US authorities, along with governments around the world, have made an enormous income from tobacco taxes, will they let the vaping industry off the hook?

Is it really about the money?

At this moment in time aside from general sales taxes there are no specific taxes charged against the purchase of vaping products and vaping equipment. There are a number of state authorities in the US looking to introduce such taxes but so far the actual implementation has proved far more difficult than the theoretical idea. Is it a coincidence that politicians seem determined to introduce vaping taxes as tobacco tax income continues to plummet?

While various medical trials have shown tobacco cigarettes can have a detrimental impact upon an individual's health there is great debate as to what cost to the state. Public services very often pick up the tab for tobacco tax related illnesses and indeed there is also the unseen impact on economic output, lost business days and additional costs to companies. Whether or not it is the state’s role to run some kind of compensation system, where smokers ultimately pay the price, is again another matter for discussion.

Will vaping ever be recognised by the mass media?

While it would be wrong to suggest that all media outlets ignore the ever-increasing popularity of electronic cigarettes there is no doubt that they do tend to focus on the negative aspects of this new phenomenon. When you see a survey discussing falling tobacco cigarette sales in the US and there is no mention, even in passing, of the vaping industry it does make you wonder. There is no doubt that the tobacco companies hold a lot of sway across a whole range of business sectors and services with their enormous financial power.

Will the vaping industry receive fair and unbiased coverage in the future?

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02-04-2015 04:06 PM
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