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Is Bloomberg move desperation from UK politicians?
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Is Bloomberg move desperation from UK politicians?
It has been revealed this week that Michael Bloomberg has been approached by the Conservative party to run for mayor of London in 2016. While some may question his aggressive style of office there is no doubt that he got things done when Mayor of New York but what would this mean for the electronic cigarette industry?

Firstly, the current Mayor of London Boris Johnson has dual citizenship with the UK/US so this is not really a major step into the unknown by the authorities. Whether or not UK citizens would appreciate a US style mayor is certainly a matter for debate.

Electronic cigarettes

There will be some concern within the electronic cigarette industry about the possible appointment of Michael Bloomberg as Mayor of London in 2016. This is a politician, a career politician and entrepreneur, who has a distinct dislike of electronic cigarettes and tobacco products. Despite a massive dislike of his vaping/tobacco policies he even managed to sign an indoor ban on electronic cigarettes during his last day in office!

It would be unfair to suggest that the Conservative party, which has remained fairly neutral on the matter of vaping, is looking to appoint Michael Bloomberg to attack the industry but there is no doubt that everyone knows what to expect. London is one of the world's most vibrant cities, it has a life and an opinion of its own which is very often different to that of the rest of the UK. So, what could we expect?


More and more US states are looking to introduce specific vaping taxes to benefit from the growing popularity of electronic cigarettes and other devices. Despite the fact that a historic deal done with the tobacco companies brings in billions of dollars a year for various US states, it seems they want more. The UK government, as we touched on above, has remained fairly neutral so far with the European Commission very much taking the lead for Europe. The European Commission would most certainly have a powerful ally in the shape of Michael Bloomberg but would vaping taxes automatically follow suit?

Long-term medical trials

At this moment in time there is no real evidence to suggest that vaping products are anywhere near as harmful as their tobacco counterparts. This is perhaps the main reason why politicians and critics in the UK, and indeed around the world, seem determined to pass as many bans and restrictions as possible before the results of long-term medical trials can be released. Once any proposed restrictions were in place it would be very difficult to reverse them. So, is this a race against time for the critics of electronic cigarettes?


While the UK government has remained fairly quiet on the matter of electronic cigarettes we are coming towards crunch point with the introduction of new regulations by the European Commission. It is common knowledge that various political figures are looking to ban/restrict the use of vaping products across Europe as well as introduce new taxes. While Michael Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York City, would be a very strong ally for critics of the electronic cigarette industry, let's not forget that the vaping community is more vocal and greater in size than it ever has been. Michael Bloomberg may seem a formidable character to take on but there is no doubt the vaping community is up for the fight. Who wins could dictate the medium to long-term direction of the industry - so, not much to play for!

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07-04-2015 12:54 PM
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Michael (04-08-2015)
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RE: Is Bloomberg move desperation from UK politicians?
At first glance this is terrifying news, but as you said, we're up for the challenge. It would make the fight more difficult by having someone who is so adamantly against vaping as an elected government official, so I do hope he loses, but if he wins I'm sure London vapers are ready to fight back. 
08-04-2015 07:10 AM
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RE: Is Bloomberg move desperation from UK politicians?
Don't we have enough home-grown nut-jobs that we need to import them?

The London mayor's post is elected and I can't see Bloomberg getting elected.


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08-04-2015 10:33 AM
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