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I need help with my RIG v2
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RE: I need help with my RIG v2
The genuine rig v2 comes with the above converter, for use with non externally threaded atomizers, as pictured here and also separately here

The info supplied by Mike and I should be safe as long as the 510 + pin on any atomizer pertrudes sufficiently as GK said. I'd expect that to be over 1mm.

I think some of your points were valid GK, I rest assured that the designers of these mods have tried and tested results from their products, the dangers come from inexperienced users. Certainly don't think you received any 'push backs', If your comment were aimed at me, I was agreeing with your observations and cautions.

Don't forget to apply for the freecycle section!
18-03-2016 07:59 PM
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Michael Offline
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RE: I need help with my RIG v2
For my part, I'm sorry if my comment is what made you feel "pushback," I certainly didn't intend it as such. In retrospect, "ranting" was not a good word to describe this thread, when I read it your posts came across as yelling since you used ALL CAPS several times, but I realize now that you probably just meant to emphasize important parts. I agree with you that people should be careful with any mech mods, especially hybrids, as the results can be catastrophic if people don't know what they're doing. And since I didn't realize this was a hybrid, I'm including myself in that category of people who didn't know what they were doing. Thanks for clearing it up, you're right someone might find this thread and jump to the wrong conclusions. 

That said, calling our posts "garbage" isn't exactly the kindest way to put it either. Or maybe you meant clones are garbage? Unfortunately it's hard to tell the intent behind the words when reading typed messages on a forum. 
19-03-2016 01:06 AM
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RE: I need help with my RIG v2
I was incredibly alarmed by this thread. Some of the "information" here could have potentially been harmful to less well informed folks. I was attempting to be abundantly clear that what I was writing was not a matter of opinion.  I meant no personal offense.  
19-03-2016 01:50 AM
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Spasmod Offline

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RE: I need help with my RIG v2
Just to be clear.. TVF is not a public information service and shouldn't be considered as such. Sometimes our community and staff members like to offer advice in the hope of being helpful to others. This is done in good faith and at the expense of their own time and effort.

As with anything.. do your own research from several sources before making any commitment to using any specific item of gear.. and that goes for any potentially harmful vaping setup.

Vape on and vape safe folks!

Cheers Drinks
19-03-2016 12:03 PM
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RE: I need help with my RIG v2
I took no offence by any of GKelly 's posts in fact I have to agree with the posts, too many times I see new users make dangerous mistakes, and it only takes once to have a malfunction to do it's damage. I have seen far worse forum posts trying to make a misinformed new user understand the seriousness of coupling hybrids with subtanks.
Maybe the most experienced here should do a few helpful write ups for the forum and have them stickied where the members can see them and read about proper use.
21-03-2016 01:26 PM
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