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How To Shark Bend and Shark Split
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How To Shark Bend and Shark Split
Whats up tricksters, Tristan_Vapes here! In this video you’re going to learn how to shark bend and shark split. This trick will take a lot of practice to nail, but with these tips, hopefully you will have it down in no time! This trick took me a looooooonnnnggg time to learn and this video is filled with everything i know.

First off i feel like knowing how to shark bend will really help you with shark splits.

For Shark bends this is how it goes.
Cough an O out
You can either push it or follow it
Then you inhale on one side of the O and it will sing in that direction
The bigger your O the harder the inhale, the smaller your O the lighter your inhale.
Just practice and play around with it, you will get it in no time.

Okay for the shark split!
Blow and push a medium size O (If you blow a big one, it is possible to split, but a lot harder. If its a small O, you will most likely inhale it in)
Its just like the shark bend.
The inhale is really important, think about it like sucking a straw and as you travel around the O amp up the inhale and when you reach the end point. Stop the exhale by opening your mouth. You want to start around 10 o’clock on the O and end at about o'clock. So start your inhale and pull it over to the side and if you did it right then blam!

03-06-2018 09:15 AM
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RE: How To Shark Bend and Shark Split
Good info mate, checkout the article with different vape tricks.
19-07-2018 10:05 AM
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