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HiLIQ Strawberry (0mg)
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HiLIQ Strawberry (0mg)
I mentioned I liked this juice, but it deserves a more in-depth mention, in my opinion.

Do you guys remember the animated movie Ratatouille? Remember the part where the food critic takes a bite of the Ratatouille, drops his fork, and is instantly transported to great memories of his youth? Well, that's what happened to me with the Strawberry liquid from HiLIQ.

Clearly, this hit me harder because of the connection to my youth. I remember on Easter getting those strawberry candies amongst the jellybeans and Peeps and et cetera. They were good but always the last to be eaten (come on, hard candy isn't as cool as a candy bar or marshmallow egg). Anyway, I hadn't had one in a very long time.

Then I got the 10-pack sample from Elsa, which contained their Strawberry. I didn't expect a lot. But the flavor, especially on the exhale, is SPOT ON the same as that candy. I was in love at first draw. That's a juice I will actually purchase when my sample runs out.

Clearly this won't appeal to everyone. The flavor is very sweet, and totally 'fake' as far as real fruit flavor. But that's what makes it great! If you know and love those strawberry candies, you will love this juice. Don't change it, Elsa!!

Here's the candies I'm talking about.

[Image: a914dbc3f13e1f1c.jpg]
10-11-2015 06:05 PM
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RE: HiLIQ Strawberry (0mg)
Nice post, Tin; glad to see you found a bona fide winner in the sample lot! A lot of times, we get hung up on trying to find dead ringers for familiar flavors in our vape juices (particularly fruits which I’m convinced are nigh unto impossible to replicate precisely,) and neglect to recognize that a flavor can still be excellent in its own right though it may not mimic exactly what it claims to be. This was covered in another thread, but this is why I like flavors that are more creatively named and not just labelled as a generic flavor; it supports uniqueness and variety in a world awash with “Strawberries” and “Vanillas” and allows for each juice to have its own identity and merits when they’ve not a generic name to live up to. Just saying, I checked my local Whole Foods and they don’t carry Unicorn Milk for me to compare it to, but Cuttwood’s “Unicorn Milk” is delicious unto itself!  

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10-11-2015 06:21 PM
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RE: HiLIQ Strawberry (0mg)
You knocked my heart Tin, when I saw the thread title includes HiLIQ, I am so nervous. When I read your post, I am very pleased that you like our strawberry and it reminds your youth. Thanks for your support and approval. I might to say you are lucky because you get one you like, me too, because of you!!!
I agree that it is good to put a different name to generic flavors like "Strawberry", @ Xprimentyl, but please understand that HiLIQ is a supplier brand, thus we must maintain original names for our clients. Thanks for your opinion.

Enjoy vaping~~
11-11-2015 05:39 AM
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