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Havana #1 - Real Extracts
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Havana #1 - Real Extracts
[Image: HABANA_0-24_label_web_zps9zcxcjdf.jpg]

Name: Havana #1
Brand: Real Extracts
Description: It is a dark Cuban cigar tobacco grown from seed here in the USA. It has good mature strength with a distinctive cigar aroma. It is a great stand-alone flavor for those looking for a darker tobacco flavor without a fire cure.
Where to Find It: Havana #1 Real Cigar Flavor

Flavor: Havana tastes like a strong, slightly sweet cigar with a dark, earthy tone. It's a more complex flavor than any tobaccos I've tried before, with very different flavors coming out when you vape it different ways. When I tried lung hitting it, it tasted like the smell of a campfire (in a good way). Then on the exhale, the slightly bitter and sweet tobacco taste hit me. I also tried pulling it into my mouth and then out through my nose without inhaling, since that's how I used to smoke cigars. When I vaped it that way, it really tasted exactly like a high-end cigar, reminiscent of the "Cuban Rejects" I used to smoke with my roommate in college to celebrate the end of a semester. It was a taste of nostalgia. Unfortunately, I realized I no longer like the taste of cigars, so it's not really for me. But if you like cigars, Havana has a perfect flavor that tastes exactly like a nice cigar.

Vapor: Havana #1 is a 70PG/30VG blend, and as such, it can't be expected to create as much vapor as a high VG juice. I tested it in a Kanger SubTank Nano with 1.2 ohm coils on my God Mod 180 at a range from 15-25W. It produced much less vapor than I am used to, because I normally use high VG juice, but it still made decent clouds. But this isn't a cloud chaser's juice by any stretch of the imagination: this is a juice meant to create a perfect cigar flavor, and the high PG carries the flavor very well.

Throat Hit: I don't normally like my juice to have a very strong throat hit, but on a tobacco flavor it's a little more acceptable, since burning tobacco has a pretty strong throat hit. The high PG, combined with the 12mg nicotine strength and the strong tobacco flavor proved too much for me, as I'm used to much less throat hit. It's actually much more mild than you might expect from a strong cigar tobacco juice, but it still was more than I like.

Nicotine Strength: I used 12mg for my review, but it comes in 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, and 24mg. Since it's such a strong flavor with a relatively harsh throat hit, it was hard for me to take long hits, so the 12mg was perfect so that I could still feel the nicotine without having to chain vape. I'd say 12mg is just about perfect for this juice, as anything less would feel weak and anything more would make it too harsh.

Viscosity: at 70% PG, Havana #1 is nearly unusable in an RDA. Fortunately, this isn't the kind of juice that you'd really want to use in an RDA anyway. As I mentioned before, Havana is all about the flavor rather than making giant clouds, and as such it works perfectly in a flavorful tank like the SubTank. I would say it would probably work fine in a flavor atty like the Veritas, but you'd need to be careful with it since it is very runny, almost like water. I definitely can't recommend this for dripping unless you're going to cut it with VG, but that might actually be a good idea since it has such a strong flavor and the VG would tone it down a bit.

Other Notes: I came into this review with somewhat mixed feelings. I've never been a big fan of tobacco flavored juice, since most of it just tastes like "Liquid Smoke," but I have heard great things about NETs and Real Extracts. Havana #1 delivered on all its promises, and tasted just like a cigar. I wish it had a higher VG ratio to make it more usable with RDAs, but it performs very well in a tank. It is a more expensive, high-end juice, which would absolutely be worth it if you like cigars. Unfortunately, it's been a very long time since I last had a cigar and the flavor doesn't really agree with me anymore. The throat hit was a bit strong for my taste, but some people like a strong throat hit. On the Real Extracts website, another buyer said in a review that there was no harshness at all with 12mg, so I suppose it's a bit subjective. Overall, this is a very nice juice that could easily become a cigar fan's favorite, and after vaping it for about 8 hours today I really wanted to love it, but it's just not for me.

Flavor: 5/5
Vapor: 3/5
Throat Hit: 3/5
Overall: 11/15 - 73%

A note on my ratings:
When rating flavor, I judge the juice based on the description provided by the manufacturer. Does the juice taste like it's supposed to? Does it smell like it's supposed to? This also encompasses the quality of the flavor. For example, if I'm testing two cherry flavors and one tastes exactly like cherry cough syrup while the other tastes like a black cherry from the fresh produce aisle at the market, the fresh tasting one will get a higher rating.
When rating vapor production, I'm focusing on how much vapor is produced and how thick the clouds are. An example of "1/5" rating would be a Blu cigalike, while a "5/5" rating would be my local shop's 98%VG juice, since it produces the thickest clouds I've ever experienced. 
When rating throat hit, it's all about balance. Too much throat hit will give a lower rating, but too little throat hit will give a lower rating as well. My perfect "5/5" in throat hit is a juice that I can feel in my throat and is slightly rough, but pleasantly so, without giving me a sore throat (too much) or feeling like a drink of water (too little).
The overall rating is the sum total of the three rating categories, followed by a percentage out of 100, with 100% being a perfect vape. This review is somewhat based on my opinion, and everyone's taste is different.

13-04-2015 04:14 AM
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