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Halo Triton II to an iJust S
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Halo Triton II to an iJust S
Been using a Triton II as title says, long time smoker use liquids with 12mg nic 70/30, not really sucking it into my lungs more mouth to lung as in a cigarette. 
Tried the iJust S today, on advice dropped to 6mg of nicotine and using the 0.3ohm coil that came with it (also has 0.5ohm and a 0.18 ohm in kit. Anyway trying to suck it in mouth to lung (as supplier advised) seems to burn or irritate throat cant get a good dose so to speak.

What difference will using the 0.5ohm coil make,

or is it just a mattter of getting used to it !
Whats your advice,

 thanks in advance

15-11-2016 10:24 AM
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RE: Halo Triton II to an iJust S
A .3 ohm coil is getting pretty hot resistance-wise without it being a TC (temp control) coil. I assume the .18 you have is a TC coil. The .5 coil will give you a cooler vape and will probably not irritate the throat like the .3.

There is some getting used to going from a pen vape to cub ohm vaping. The TC coils are another animal altogether. They hit harder than the .5 coils and have a bit warmer vape to them. Some people like TC vaping, some not so much. I like it all!

Also, pen vaping more mimicks cig smoking which a mouth to lung technique. Sub ohm vaping is more of a direct to lung technique which will get more vape into your lungs.
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15-11-2016 06:42 PM
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RE: Halo Triton II to an iJust S
The first mod I ever had was the iJust S and its a really great tank, not only because of its' design but because you can use a whole bunch of different coils from different manufacturers, and its battery is awesome (3000 mAh I think). Having been in a very similar situation to yours (went from about a pack a day to a tank) here's my suggestions:

1. If you're more of a mouth-to-lung vaper (as in taking a drag like a cigarette) close your airflow off a bit so you get a bit more resistance on your puffs. Your kit should have come with a silicone ring for use as an airflow adjuster, put it at about halfway closed and try then. 

2. One of the biggest things I realized about vaping vs cigarettes is there's a different 'technique' to it, whenever I used my friends' mod before I started vaping I'd cough and gag like a pornstar till I figured out that you gotta hit it less like a cigarette and more like a bong (if that makes sense) for a comfortable direct lung hit. Just remember to open your airflow all the way and inhale quickly and evenly.

3. Like silly said, the 0.3 ohm coil is hotter and produces more vapor than the 0.5 ohm one, but also ha a different flavor which you might like more. The 0.18 coil was much warmer from what I recall but was very subtle flavor-wise.

4. Take smaller puffs, or try 'pulsing' the button until you're more accustomed to the throat hit. For me taking smaller hits the first few days after switching helped me get used to the different sensation (though my first hit in the morning still makes me cough every time!).

5. Try using a higher VG content liquid. VG is smoother on the throat than PG, and should wick just fine in your tank (tried this, worked fine).

Other than that, experiment and stick to it! Whatever you do, its a hell of a lot better than smoking. Good luck!
15-11-2016 07:17 PM
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