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Gentley Reviews; Ephro Billow X rta
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Gentley Reviews; Ephro Billow X rta
Today I'm reviewing the new Billow X, kindly sent to me by our supporting vendor, which I recieved less than a week after shipping Shok  

I'll start with its tech spec;

27mm diameter.
4ml juice capacity, extending to 5.5ml with the included bulb glass. 
Gold-plated build deck with excellent electrical conductivity.
Under coil airflow control.
Top fill.
Resin 810 wide-bore drip tip.
[Image: CJ6XyQH.jpg]

It comes with the expected spares and what *should* be some nice fused coils; Flattened tripple core 28g a1 wrapped with 36g ni80.. 


Now, the bit you really want to read: the gentle observations Big Grin

I really have to start with the supplied coils.. which quite honestly need to go straight in the bin! They're truly awful, no flavour, mediocre vapour production and do the tank absolutely no justice at all. Negative

The resin drip tip supplied is up next for criticism as it's also pretty poor. It's much too short, putting your lips in full contact with the top of the tank while inhaling, which is one of my pet hates.

And now it's the decks turn.. what could have been great just isn't Undecided yes, its gold.. but building it reminds me of the old three post decks, where you have to center your coil with the one leg awkwardly overlapping the last wrap of the coil. Though the holes are high - low to accommodate the coil legs, the center holes could easily have been better placed to actually center the coil more naturally.
[Image: XfzZ4ux.jpg]

I don't feel the billow x follows on from its predecessors either. The billows of old were a universal hit, you could mtl or dtl and they'd hold their own in a broard wattage range. This one is a dtl only tank, no juice control and the feeder holes are quite large. I see it flooding an mtl build quite readily.

Machiening quality imo is not as good as the previous incarnations, still good in its own right for sure with its sealed 510+ pin and peek insulators.
[Image: IYx57xU.jpg] My main gripes are the top cap feels a little light due to its thin edges and after a drop could be easily damaged. The glass sections o rings have a square profile so replacments might be hard to source. They dont seem to take much to compress either, putting the rim of the glass dangerously close to the top and base once it's all screwed down tight.

BUT IT'S NOT ALL DOOM AND GLOOM! Flawed though is, swap out the drip tip, build it propperly and use it dtl, it does give a dam good vape! 

With a little gentle coil magic (2× 26g ni80 40g 317l parallel with 26g a1) it produces serious flavour, 40 - 100w+. [Image: SkSWAYT.jpg]
Needless to say this is a cloud chasers rta too.
 With the bubble glass boosting capacity to 5.5ml refills are fewer and further between, I got around three hours of chain vaping one one tankful (before I broke it Punish ) and there have been no obvious leaks yet.

All in all I think I expected more.. but I'm far from disappointed Good2

Don't forget to apply for the freecycle section!
15-05-2018 08:03 AM
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RE: Gentley Reviews; Ephro Billow X rta
Nice one gently - honest and straightforward and right to the point - keep up the good work.[Image: smile.gif]
15-05-2018 08:21 AM
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RE: Gentley Reviews; Ephro Billow X rta
Good review, Done how they should be Good

Vaping Saves Lives. To vape is to advocate..
15-05-2018 09:05 AM
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