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General Forum Rules
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Exclamation General Forum Rules


Have fun and allow others to do the same
Be respectful of others (manners cost nothing)
No Asshatery
Use your loaves
No Spam
Do NOT disrespect TVF Staff members


We welcome refugees from other sites with open arms and only one rule - Leave your baggage at the door.

Vendor Advertising

In order to advertise your company and/or products on TVF you are required to seek Verification first (Contact Spasmod to find out how)

Under no circumstances will we tolerate random vendors or anyone else to place adverts for their company or their friend's company in signatures, profiles or in forum threads. These will be removed and accounts banned.

Any Unsolicited Sales attempts via Private Messaging from Unverified Vendors will lead to an immediate ban without recourse.  

If you have a friend who is a vendor please ask them to join and ask for verification.
If you want to recommend a good vendor, please use the Recommended Vendors board (50 posts required)

Please see the Vendor Rules thread for further information.

Affiliates & Referrals

Affiliate and Referral linking is very tightly controlled here. ONLY those members within the Trusted Reviewers membergroup shall be authorised to place them. Access to this membergroup is on an 'Opt-In' basis and will be at TVF staff's discretion as to whether you are permitted access.

'Trusted Reviewers' even then, can only post Affiliate or Referral links in their OWN review threads and ONLY to the reviewed product.
Affiliate or Referral links posted by any other members will be removed and action taken, possibly resulting in a ban. This also applies for Affiliate or Referral linking in signatures.

No linking to Affiliate Marketing (Deals 'n' Steals/Coupon Code) websites.

Competitions & Giveaways - This refers to Vendors and Reviewers alike

It's important to remember that many of our community members do not have Social Media Accounts, Therefore we respectfully request that TVF members be given an option to enter Directly within these forums.

If your Competition or Giveaway cannot be entered by our community members without a Social Media or YouTube account... Please Do Not post them here on TVF. 


Please Do Not use TVF as an advertising platform for your 'YouTube channel' or for your 'Reviews Website/Blog'

We expect reviewers to take an active part within our community 'aside' from posting reviews. Any reviewer deemed to be using TVF solely as an advertising platform, will have their review content removed and posting privileges suspended.

Please note - We only allow the posting of ONE review per person, per day.   


Permission needs to be obtained prior to posting any surveys of any kind - Please contact Spasmod


We do not allow web extensions (.com etc) in usernames.


All private For-Sale items must be placed within the Classifieds section. A Minimum of 25 (legitimate) posts is required.

All items within the Classifieds section MUST be accompanied with a clear picture of the ACTUAL item(s), otherwise the thread will be deleted.

Do NOT post within someone's 'For Sale' thread unless you are genuinely interested in purchasing the item.

Duplicate Content

Please do not post duplicate threads in separate areas of the forum. When you create a new thread, Please make a choice of ONE location beforehand. We also ask that you do post 'Cross-site' duplicate content. We do check this and if your content is copied from another website, it WILL be deleted.

Marijuana, THC, CBD's & CBD/Herbal infused e-juice

Due to the controversial nature of the subject, along with laws prohibiting the use of these substances in many parts of the world. Discussions on these products are prohibited with a Zero Tolerance Policy in effect.

Tobacco Products Directive - Disclaimer

While we generally won't intervene in discussions that circumvent the EU Tobacco Products Directive. The Vaping Forum® does not officially endorse nor condone these discussions.

These rules may updated or changed at any time.
27-12-2013 07:32 PM
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