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Gear Chasing vs. Sticking To One Thing...
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Gear Chasing vs. Sticking To One Thing...
Glad that for some bizarre reason, completely out of the blue, I got an email from The Vaping Forum informing me that someone had posted to some long ago dusty thread... because it made me remember I haven't been here in a good long while -- and that was rather lousy of me because many of you seriously helped me out and got me sorted with vaping.
So, Hello!
(I did say Hello in the COVID-19 thread as well)
Anyway, question...
I DIY now, and my wife and me are basically using gear from ages ago (because it works, I know how to get the most out of it and well, I am familiar with it and decided to STOP chasing the "Latest/Greatest" that had either a learning curve or frankly said -- I just didn't want to spend the time trying to figure out the intricacies of).

Since 2017 I have been using a Squid Industries "Double Barrel" mod paired to a Wotofo "Viper" tank and an Asmodus "Minikin 2" paired to an OBS "Nano Engine" (because I vape two different DIY's) and my wife (who knows nothing about vaping or the difference between an absolutely filthy coil & wick and sparkly fresh ~ trust me, I'll clean and rebuild her tank and two days later point out that while doing so the inner workings of her tank two days prior was like unearthing dinosaur bones from the La Brea Tar Pits with blackened juice goo and she will do nothing more than say "Oh, thank you dear" - it appears that the woman has no taste buds) has a Smok "Alien" mod paired to another Wotofo "Viper".
We both vape exactly the same: DIY 6 wrap single coil (can't recall the gauge currently), .54 at 27 watts, DTL.
I make three juices, two for me and one for her, mine are 4mg and hers is 6 (probably because she's married to me), and all three are 70/30 VG/PG.
While I definitely love that first day of a cleaned tank with fresh cotton and either a new coil or freshly "shocked clean" coil I must declare -- cleaning and rewicking has become a task I only undertake when I can no longer tolerate my laziness toward it and/or can no longer stand how bad things taste.

In the three or so years since undertaking rebuildables is there anything new out there that equals the flavor of a rebuildable but allows for absolute sloth and laziness with a prebuilt "Plug -n- Play" coil/wick combo for DTL?

Thank You in advance!
21-05-2020 07:19 PM
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RE: Gear Chasing vs. Sticking To One Thing...
I think most of us have been through a "gear chasing" phase. Basically, once you find what works for you, why change it?

It is a heavily fashion driven industry so there is always something new.

Wait a few months and you can get the same stuff at very steep discounts.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it...
21-05-2020 07:25 PM
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RE: Gear Chasing vs. Sticking To One Thing...
There are some pretty decent prebuilt coils now. That said I still prefer my trusted and true RTAs which I have some limited expertise at. What I don't do anymore is buy a slew of new RTAs to test or take in many for review anymore. Just too damn tired of it. I have about six maybe seven RTAs now in house (I've tried and used about fifty or sixty, lol.) The six I have are all pretty decent. I had really cut down on my mods but recently gort offered so many incredible deals that I've added about five set ups oin the last few months. Juice for me is not a problem. Manufacturers keep sending me juice for free.
As far as prebuilt tanks go with decent coils ... for vaping around 20-25 watts ...
Aspire Nautilus XS - this has the new XS coils and they are good indeed
Innokin Zenith Pro - really nice vape and decent coils
Nautilus GT - takes .4 or .7 Nautilus coils and it is good
I don't use any of these, lol, as I'm an RBA/Bridge guy ...
I use my two Billets with vapeshell, crossbow. I use my bantam with xeta. I use my kayfuns on my small mods (18350) and my SMM Serpent on my bigger mods set for DL. And few other estoric RTAs lying about that no one really knows much about as they are true OG now.

DON is on the money. You can great deals on stuff now. Which is not good for me because its hard for me to pass up, lol.

[Image: Eqyojf3.jpg?1]
21-05-2020 08:34 PM
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