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Fell in love with Mephisto...but need something new...
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Fell in love with Mephisto...but need something new...
So I've recently just gotten back in to vaping, and need some advice on buying an RDA that matches my preferences.

In the past, I've always given up on vaping because it hurt my throat, made me cough, and generally just was not enjoyable.  Long story short...turns out I've got some sort of intolerance to PG, because once I started vaping max VG juices, I could use even the cheapest cartomizers and enjoy it!

A friend let me borrow his Mephisto clone (I'm guessing V1).  It was already set up with a .3 ohm, kanthal 24 gauge dual macro coil build.  I have the Sigelei 50w V2 box mod, and popping that Mephisto on there with the max airflow possible w/ some max VG juice was just AMAZING.  I fell in love with vaping for the first time.

Unfortunately, he needed his RDA back.  I purchased a Magma clone by Infinite, and it has just not been the same.  I tried a single micro coil build at 1.2 ohms, and a double macro coil build at .5 ohms, and even with max airflow, it just doesn't have the same magic as the Mephisto did.  I just can't draw on it as easily...feels like I'm having to almost suck on it, which then dries out my throat and mouth, and the whole thing is just kind of a chore.

So, I think I'm going to purchase something new.  It seems like opinions on clones v. authentic RDAs are pretty split, so I'm willing to go either route.  Basically, I'm looking for something that strikes a nice balance between cloud production and flavor, and something that is effortless to draw on with plenty of airflow.  I liked to vape the Mephisto at the 50w max of my box mod, for those warm, dense hits, so something that is good for that wattage is preferable.

I've thought about just buying a Mephisto of my own, given how good my experience was with it, but the more I read about it, the more the general consensus seems to be that it is a relatively ordinary RDA...but I don't really know how judge what else is out there against it.  Youtubers like Twisted420 and RiPTrippers got me SUPER excited for the Magma...and that turned out not so great.

EDIT: Oh, by the way, my local vape shop is  I can't vape their juice, as the max they go is 70/30, but they do carry quite a few RDAs, and their website stock is the same as their shop...I don't mind ordering online from somewhere, but if there is a kickass option I can just pick up on my way home from work, that would be awesome : )
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09-04-2015 05:01 PM
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RE: Fell in love with Mephisto...but need something new...
The Doge and Mutation X RDAs at your shop are both great atties with crazy amounts of airflow. I own both and they're great. My personal favorite RDA is a Dark Horse clone, it's a larger atty so it holds more juice on the wick, and it has a ton of airflow options so you can blow giant clouds or shut it down for single coils. You can get a Dark Horse online for around 25 bucks. But either of the others would be great if you prefer to get it in the store. 
09-04-2015 08:01 PM
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RE: Fell in love with Mephisto...but need something new...
I've never tried the Mephisto but it always seemed like every other RDA to me with nothing special about it. I may have to try one soon. I love my Magma and I love my 26650 Magma even more. Breathes easy, lots of vapor, super deep juice wells, and great flavor.

I will tell you one I hate with a passion and that is my 26650 Veritas. What a crappy design. A real POS IMO.
09-04-2015 09:43 PM
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