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Ecigarettes now part of the UK inflation calculation
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Ecigarettes now part of the UK inflation calculation
In a move which will surprise many people in the UK, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) has this week confirmed that electronic cigarettes will now be included in the basket of goods used to calculate inflation. This is a significant move especially coming just days after the Scottish NHS banned electronic cigarettes and all vaping devices from their premises. So, should we see this as a significant turning point in the relationship between the political arena and the vaping community?

What does the basket of goods represent?

The ONS constantly monitors and changes the average basket of goods across UK consumers to try and give an accurate guide to inflation. While electronic cigarettes are just one of an array of new products added to the "average basket" this does rubberstamp the industry’s move into the mass market. It also shows that the authorities fully appreciate the popularity of electronic cigarettes amongst the general public and are comfortable including the price of electronic cigarettes/vaping devices in the calculation of UK inflation.

Should we read too much into this?

When you bear in mind the massive campaigns against the electronic cigarette industry not only in the UK but across the world, surely the industry deserves a little credit for the move by the ONS? Who could have imagined at the turn-of-the-century with the vaping industry seen as a niche market that within just a few years it would be part of the UK official inflation calculation?

There have been signs over the last few months that politicians across Europe, and especially the UK, are coming around to the idea that electronic cigarettes are here to stay. That is not to say there will not be further battles in the weeks, months and years ahead but the fact that an outright ban all vaping products seems highly unlikely is certainly a step in the right direction.

Why is this a positive move?

In theory the ONS has no real say upon what is seen as the "average basket" but in reality it is able to pick and exclude certain items and services which are "not appropriate". The fact that electronic cigarettes have been added to this average basket is certainly a positive move together with the array of more upbeat medical trials released over the last few months. Even though many politicians have been fighting the vaping industry for some time now, it seems that the general public has a mind of its own and is more than happy to consider the evidence and the facts and act accordingly.

We must also remember that the vaping industry has been overshadowed by its tobacco counterpart with its multibillion-dollar advertising budgets which often leave the vaping industry on the side lines. Any positive publicity is good publicity in the minds of the vaping community and official recognition, as well as a level playing field, is all that many vaping supporters seek.


The more electronic cigarettes are seen as part of everyday life the more chance that sales will increase and overall popularity continue to rise. The introduction to the UK inflation "average basket" may seem a small point to some people but it does represent yet another rubberstamp for the industry. As we touched on above, there are still many battles to win, many hurdles to navigate and many sceptics to overcome but the industry is certainly making excellent strides.

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17-03-2015 03:12 PM
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RE: Ecigarettes now part of the UK inflation calculation
Funny old world.. As I clicked on this to read my wife started reading the news report about the budget and e cigs being included lol. This is most definitely a good thing for vaping. Great article Mark Good

Vaping Saves Lives. To vape is to advocate..
17-03-2015 04:13 PM
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