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Earl Grey Tea - Real Extracts
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Earl Grey Tea - Real Extracts
[Image: 1407021665709-1220637018_zpseshkuyfb.png]
Name: Earl Grey Tea
Brand: Real Extracts LLC
Description: Earl Grey Tea Vaping Elixir is 100% real tea. Our version of Earl Great is a classic flavored tea that is immediately recognizable as a great one. We added bergamot essence (a citrus) to exquisite black tea instead of the usual black.
PG/VG Ratio: 70PG/30VG
Nicotine Strength: 12mg/ml
Where to find it: Earl Grey Tea

Mod and Atty Used: For this review, I used a Sigelei-100W Box Mod with an Aspire Nautilus Mini tank. I used the 1.8 ohm coils at a range between 10-14W, with best results around 11.5W.

Flavor: If there's one thing I've noticed while doing these reviews, it's that Real Extracts is very good at making their juice taste exactly like it's supposed to. This Earl Grey Tea Elixir tastes exactly like a cuppa. Most other tea flavored vapes I've tried have either been too bitter or too sweet, but this one finds the perfect medium. If you drink your tea black (which you should) you'll love this vape, hands down. From the description, it sounds like they extract the tea and then add the bergamot to taste, which is brilliant if so because it would allow them to get a perfect combination of flavors, rather than just trusting the extraction process to pull the flavors out in the proper ratios. I'm very impressed with this flavor, if you couldn't tell already.

Vapor: Like the other flavors from Real Extracts, this puts out the amount of vapor you might expect from a 70PG/30VG blend. It's not as much as the high VG juice I'm used to, of course, but it's good enough and this definitely isn't a juice made for cloud chasing anyway.

Throat Hit: The throat hit on this juice was not very strong when using a brand new coil, but got gradually stronger over the first hour or so of use. Since Earl Grey Tea is a slightly bitter tea with a little bite, the throat hit actually enhanced the experience in my opinion. Still, it was a bit more harsh than I would have liked, considering I prefer juice with hardly any throat hit. 

Viscosity: The Earl Grey Tea extract is a bit thicker than I had expected. I assume this is because of the extract steeping. It's still thinner than a high VG juice, and so will work well in any tank, but I would not recommend dripping with this juice unless you are using a single-coil flavor atty like the Veritas (and if you think the Veritas is dual coil, watch RiP Trippers' build video). 

Other Notes: This is a spectacular juice that really hits the mark. It tastes exactly like a good cup of Earl Grey, and I really enjoyed every puff. I'd like to do something a little different with this review, and end it with a big wall of pictures pertaining to this topic.

Flavor: 5/5
Vapor: 3/5
Throat Hit: 4/5
Overall: 12/15 - 80%

[Image: viewcaption_zpsngsj2xi4.jpg] [Image: good-guy-earl-grey_zpswh5944vq.jpg] [Image: 84dde85c0650e4e17efa0839c24d8987_zpsn8qd8uzf.jpg]

A note on my ratings:
When rating flavor, I judge the juice based on the description provided by the manufacturer. Does the juice taste like it's supposed to? Does it smell like it's supposed to? This also encompasses the quality of the flavor. For example, if I'm testing two cherry flavors and one tastes exactly like cherry cough syrup while the other tastes like a black cherry from the fresh produce aisle at the market, the fresh tasting one will get a higher rating.
When rating vapor production, I'm focusing on how much vapor is produced and how thick the clouds are. An example of "1/5" rating would be a Blu cigalike, while a "5/5" rating would be my local shop's 98%VG juice, since it produces the thickest clouds I've ever experienced. 
When rating throat hit, it's all about balance. Too much throat hit will give a lower rating, but too little throat hit will give a lower rating as well. My perfect "5/5" in throat hit is a juice that I can feel in my throat and is slightly rough, but pleasantly so, without giving me a sore throat (too much) or feeling like a drink of water (too little).
The overall rating is the sum total of the three rating categories, followed by a percentage out of 100, with 100% being a perfect vape. This review is somewhat based on my opinion, and everyone's taste is different.

26-04-2015 04:30 AM
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RE: Earl Grey Tea - Real Extracts
Michael I really liked your review, especially your review format. Very thorough and informative. Although 'Mod and Atty Used, Viscosity and Other Notes' are not included in the overall score, it is nice to see them for additional information. I also like the starting information, including the link on 'Where to find it.' Nice write up and great review. Thank_you2
02-11-2015 07:30 AM
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RE: Earl Grey Tea - Real Extracts
Thanks Jeff! I've been meaning to write full reviews of a couple other flavors from Real Extracts for a couple months now, but I've just been so damn busy... But I can honestly say that everything I've tried from them is very good, high quality juice. I try to be as objective as possible when I'm reviewing anything, be it a movie, video game, juice, atty, or mod, and I used to do a lot of reviews on various sites (and a few in local newspapers) so I have a kind of "objective rating scale" figured out, but unfortunately I haven't had the time or energy to write much lately. Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed the review Big Grin
02-11-2015 07:52 AM
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