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EHPro Caravela Mod Review
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EHPro Caravela Mod Review
[Image: MP233976_zps101d57f4.jpg]
The Caravela Mod, disassembled with the EHPro packaging.

The Caravela clone is an 18650 mechanical mod from EHPro. In this review, I'll look at each piece of the mod in-depth and describe my opinion of this device.


My Caravela came in the nice black box that you see pictured above. The box is sturdy and has a magnet to keep it closed, and inside it has foam padding formed to fit the mod. The box is actually very nice, and I took the foam insert out so I could keep the box and use it to store my rebuilding supplies.

Body Details

The Caravela I'm reviewing is a stainless steel 18650 mechanical mod. The body of the mod is machined steel, while the ends are made from brass parts. The body is very heavy and feels well made. The overall weight of the mod makes it feel expensive, even though it's a clone that costs only a fraction of the cost of a genuine mod. 

[Image: MP233982_zps00eea24e.jpg]
The body, with the end pieces removed.

510 Connection

The 510 connection is made from three parts: a brass cap that screws onto the body, a delrin insulator, and a brass connection pin. The brass pin screws into the delrin insulator to connect with the 510 on your atty, and it can be screwed in further to make solid contact with your battery and atty. All the brass pieces are solid brass, not just coated like some mods, so even after a few months of wear and tear the parts still perform just as well as the day I bought it.

[Image: MP233985_zps7cacefeb.jpg]
The 510 connecting cap, disassembled.

Button Details

The button is composed of six parts in all, including the bottom cap, a delrin insulator, the locking ring, brass negative connector, brass button, and a brass spring. The button is spring loaded, with a solid brass spring that looks very durable and solid brass components. The lock ring is stainless steel and is reverse threaded, so you don't accidentally unscrew the entire bottom cap when you lock your mod.

[Image: MP233987_zpsd78b9d5d.jpg] 
The entire button section disassembled.

Overall Impression

This mod feels very nice in my hand. It's heavy and solid, and very well machined. All the seams are perfectly threaded, and the lock ring is very smooth. The button has to be pushed somewhat hard, which is a good thing in my opinion because I don't have to screw down the lock ring if I want to set the mod down for a few minutes. It's not too hard to push though, and feels very nice when firing. I don't have the ability to measure voltage drop on my devices yet, but I'm sure this one must have a very low voltage drop because it seems to pack a stronger punch than almost any mechanical mod I've used (I say "almost" because my Panzer might be a bit better, though it's hard to tell without being able to measure it).

[Image: MP233992_zps9376c16d.jpg]
The Caravela mod, reassembled.

Pros and Cons

  • Very well machined threading
  • Solid, heavy feel
  • Reverse threaded lock ring
  • Solid brass connections
  • Very durable
  • Nice spring-loaded button (though this could be a con if you prefer magnetic switches)
  • Came with two spare springs for the button
  • 510 connection has only one adjustable pin, making it impossible to get a perfect fit with certain atty/battery combinations. For example, my Patriot has a shorter 510, so if I adjust the pin to connect with the Patriot, a flat-top battery would rattle. On the other hand, my Big Dripper has a longer 510, so to make it fit flush on the mod, a button-top battery is too long.
  • The mod itself is not adjustable for different battery sizes, and did not come with any extra tubes for smaller batteries. This is sort of a pro and a con, since I prefer mods with one solid tube instead of adjustable pieces, but when you combine this with the less-than-perfect 510 adjustment you can run into some trouble when using cells that have flat tops along with cells that have button tops.
  • The entire mod is about 2mm wider in diameter than all of my atties. This means that there is a 1mm lip around the edge where the atty is smaller than the mod. It's not a big deal, but it's not aesthetically pleasing either, and this is a beautiful mod so the smaller atty can look a bit ridiculous.

Overall, this is a great mod that I would definitely recommend to anyone who likes mechanical mods. It's a little bit annoying that the mod is slightly bigger than any normal 22mm atty, and the 510 connection isn't nearly as nice as the connection on a Panzer or Vanilla mod, but the Caravela more than makes up for it in overall power and gorgeousness. It's a striking mod that is sure to turn heads with its shiny stainless finish, and the heavy feel makes it seem like a much more expensive mod. Add that to the fact that it has solid brass connections and very low voltage drop, and this mod is a definite winner. 

[Image: 4-stars_zps1d97baeb.jpg]
24-11-2014 03:48 AM
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RE: EHPro Caravela Mod Review
Nice review Michael! Thanks Smile
24-11-2014 02:28 PM
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Oh, where have I gone off to...

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RE: EHPro Caravela Mod Review
Glad you liked it mate Smile
24-11-2014 03:13 PM
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RE: EHPro Caravela Mod Review
The Caravela is supposed to be a 23mm mod - though some people (FT anyway) do sell 22mm versions. There are a few common 23mmm atomisers out there, the eXpromizer, the Flash E-Vapors and others that fail to come to mind just now.

I like my one which is a very cheap no-name clone. You could definitely do damage with it, it is a solid and heavy chunk of metal.

TVF tested battery info to be found here

[Image: 24291313393_16615b20b2_m.jpg]
25-11-2014 10:40 AM
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